Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Two too cute.

Today is my sweet baby Finn's 2nd birthday. Is that even possible? I could have sworn he was still a baby but this morning over breakfast I showed him his birthday video and he wanted "more" so we watched his older birthday videos and I almost fell out of my chair. Because while it's true that he used to be a baby (and a really cute one at that), I can now see that somewhere along the way he has grown into a boy.

A thoughtful, sweet, happy two year old boy who loves puppies and horses and yellow and his family and helping and snuggling with "night-night" and playing outside and swimming and reading books and making art...

As he blew out his breakfast birthday candle forty five thousand times (he would immediately blow it out and smile briefly while signing and saying "more") and we watched his beautiful life flash before our eyes (plus a few horsey videos on YouTube), I crossed my fingers that he was making some really good wishes on that candle.

Because if he's lucky enough to take after his Mama, he will grow up to have everything he ever wished for.

Finn with Mel Robertson, the baldie I picked out in 1st grade...

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Grandmother fancy said...

Finny Where did my baby go? Must be like "hide and seek" but you hid longer and grew bigger while I searched for you. YOU WIN!!!
My darling two year I love you--- A tear rolls down my cheek as I see the great video Mama made of your second year HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE ONE.