Thursday, October 4, 2012

Guided by cake.

Oh lordy. It's been ages since I wrote anything that wasn't a to-do list. Which is at least something, right? I mean, if Liam gets to count writing letters and comic strips, surely my to-do lists are better than nothing. Besides, they truly are works of art. Fiction, that is.

Here's an example of a list I wrote recently:

Finish painting!
Buy fabric!
Sew pillows!
Find new bedding!
Get frames!
Hang art work!
Finish cleaning!
Organize books!
Clean out basement!
Gather donations!
Find lamps!

Golly gee willikers I'm optimistic on paper!

As you can see, this is just my bedroom re-do to-do. The other lists are kept separately. But I can assure you they are equally as grandiose and annoying. Don't worry though. In real life my lists look more like this:

Start painting.
Someone yells, "Mama!"
Stop painting.
Trip over ladder.
Swear at ladder.
Address whatever child is having an emergency.
Remind them that needing more chocolate milk or losing their bookmark is NOT an emergency.
Fold the load of laundry I left sitting on the couch, get Liam set up with a math assignment, make lunch, eat with kids, clean up most of the dishes, suddenly remember I was in the middle of painting, trip over ladder, swear at ladder, mime throwing dried out paintbrush across the room.


Spend an entire Saturday driving all over town to buy sheets and pillows and picture frames and lamps and shelves (the right ones, at the right price...).
Get it all home.
Decide I hate most of it.
Find a way to spend another whole Saturday taking it all back.


Rally the boys for a field trip to the fabric store!
Get there and realize two things: 1) a fabric store is no place for an excitable 2 year old with a very loud voice, and 2) pretty fabric is expensive.
Oh, and 3) I can't sew.
Go home and hop on Etsy while kicking myself for wasting the morning driving across town and the entire week pretending I can DIY.

Or, my personal fave:

Buy a very large framed picture at a thrift store for $15.
Rejoice in saving so much money on a frame!
Get it home and realize it's slightly too long for the picture I need framed. Like just enough to annoy the crap out of me.
Spend way too long thinking about it, looking at it from different angles, comparison shopping online, checking Pinterest just in case someone else has had this exact same problem and already come up with a brilliant solution...
Decide, screw it. I'm using the frame.
Start the impossible task of removing the picture from the frame.
It's like they were conjoined at birth. I mean, really. If it wasn't so maddeningly impossible it might actually be funny.
Tear the picture to pieces.
Pry a million staples from the (slightly ugly) wood frame with a screw driver.
Realize some ass hat has glued the whole thing together.
Start trying to scrape the glue away with a screw driver.
Switch to an exacto knife.
Work that glue like my life depends on it.
Slip and jam the screwdriver into my wrist.
My wrist!
Like, this close to all my veins.
Get up to get a band aid.
Trip over the damn ladder.
Bleed all over myself.
Sit back down to finish prying the glue off the frame (on my bed because, well, I'm an idiot) and within two seconds manage to break the entire 24X36" piece of glass ON MY LAP.
Spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning up glass, washing all my bedding, swearing at my bedroom and tripping over the ladder.

I keep thinking I need to just buckle down and FINISH this stupid project so we can get our lives back on track. But it's not happening. I mean, it is happening. It's just happening very slowly. In the meantime, everything feels out of whack. Because of the ladder and the misplaced things and the gloriously huge pile of laundry (why not get out the cold weather hand-me-downs while we're at it?!). It's not even a big renovation. It's literally just putting lipstick on a pig (okay, not literally...). And yet, we're all kinds of discombobulated.

Last Thursday, amidst the chaos, there was a knock at the door. I shooed the babies out of the way (I babysit two days a week), and opened it just enough to see who was there while hiding my painting clothes (which make me look completely homeless but must be worn at all times in case there is an uninterrupted moment for me to get some work done). There, between my pile of stuff to donate and a half painted end table, was an adorable blond girl with a huge smile and several boxes of cake.

"You must be Maggie!"

She had a delivery for me from Nothing Bundt Cake, a bakery committed to, well, nothing but bundt cakes! Our Nashville location is celebrating it's one year anniversary by announcing the opening of a new store in Franklin and giving away free cakes to some very lucky people, myself included!

If you've ever wanted to put a smile on someone's face, may I suggest having CAKE delivered to their HOUSE? I mean, really.

It completely turned my day around. When you've got lots and lots of cake to share with people (that someone BROUGHT TO YOUR DOOR!), the half finished bedroom and piles of books and three boxes of random computer cords (yes, really) suddenly don't seem like such a big deal. In fact, they almost disappear entirely. At least they did for me. All of a sudden all I could think was, "You know what? Tonight is the Grey's Anatomy season premiere. How fun would it be to watch with my sister?  My sister who lives just three hours away. And happens to like cake..."

The next thing I knew I was loading my mini van (that still does not have a stereo system...) with kids and mini bundt cakes and choking down a five hour energy drink (like pure poison...) and driving to my sister's house to watch TV and eat cake.

I've got that five hour energy look in my eyes...

At first Liam didn't understand. "I mean, I want to go to Louisville too but driving all this way to watch TV seems like a very bad reason. Shouldn't you want to go there to like, see your family? Because you love them? Not because you want to watch TV." So I explained it to him in terms he could understand.

"What if Dylan got a new video game? One that you both really wanted."

"Like Mario Party 12?"

"Sure. Well, you'd want to get together, right?"


"Because you'd want to play the game?"

"Sort of..."

"But also because you're friends, right? Friends who both happen to like playing video games."

"Yeah, okay. I get it."

Because even though I love my sister (and her family) and she lives close enough for this sort of thing to happen ALL THE TIME, it usually doesn't unless there's a good reason (or at least a reason...). A reason and a box of mini bundt cakes? Well, that's a no brainer.

Thanks, Nothing Bundt Cakes for helping me change out of my homeless costume and totally brightening my day. The white chocolate raspberry bundt was maybe my favorite (or was it the cinnamon swirl...) but the VERY best part was the home delivery. I can't wait to make someone's day like you made mine!

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Caddie said...

My family looooves Nothing Bundt Cakes! Who knew they had home delivery???? This is a game-changer! Wooo hoo!!! :-)

Good luck on your bedroom, btw!!!