Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012.

I hope you and yours had a super fun Halloween. We sure did...

Finny was a monkey (he wore Liam's old costume), Liam was an angry bird (last minute craft project/Target run = major success!), I was a "Lion King" (aka someone who forgot to come up with a cute and clever costume and had to resort to whatever fit in the dress up box), and Bill, bless his heart, was a sexy cat.

Oh, yes he was.

I can't show you too many pictures of his costume because once it got dark enough to need the flash, there was way too much, um, detail involved. He definitely made lots of people laugh and I'm pretty sure he has a new appreciation for what it's like to wear Spanx (Spanx, two unitards, same diff). You haven't laughed your ass off unitl you've heard your six year old say, "My dada is a sexy cat." Better than a handful of mini Snickers any day!

Here are a few PG photos of our happy Halloween:

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