Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I am blogging on my iPhone!

I really meant to write something on Sunday but instead spent the whole day packing and thinking about packing and putting off packing and eating pizza. And now I'm away from home, without a laptop, for a whole week!

That is just no way to celebrate my blog's FIVE YEAR anniversary.

What?! I know!

The reason I always remember when I started this website is because it was right before my 30th birthday. And since I turn thirty five on Wednesday, I know it must be time to celebrate.

What?! I know. For reals, y'all.

So I spent an entire Sunday planning and packing and an entire Monday traveling so I could spend a whole week celebrating. Must be somewhere pretty fabulous, right?

Well, I'm actually just at my parents house with my boys. Not that it isn't fabulous. I mean, so far I have dragged my babies out of bed to make an early morning flight only to get stuck in security for so long we had to RUN through the entire airport to make our flight (if you know Liam very well you can imagine how awesome this must have looked). Then we arrived in Phoenix and were met with a 3-1/2 hour delay. At least we wouldn't have to run for our next flight! And there was good Mexican food and a kids' area and a Starbucks with Liam's favorite lemon pound cake and we were so good at killing time that we actually DID have to run for our next flight!

But we made it and arrived in Reno safely (just a mere 11 hours after we left our house!) and were greeted by grandparents and bubbles and Miller High Life. Not to mention an air mattress that went flat part way through the night and two little boys who woke up well before the crack of dawn like, "Let's party! It's 7:00 somewhere!"

The plan was to pack up our three ring circus and take it to the other grandparents house for a night before heading up to my cousin's house in Tahoe for the remainder of the week. But after spending a full hour re-packing and cleaning up after hurricane Conran, I think we'll head up to the lake as soon as possible and ask everyone to come to us. That's not too much to ask, is it? There's plenty of room and a little snow and I am not at all above playing the birthday card if I have to. So come see me! I'll probably make a cake and everything.

(If you want to see pics of our escapades, I will probably be popping some up on Instagram throughout the week. Since I'm in my mid thirties now I can't exactly tell you how that all works, I just know that a friend did something to my settings and now people can see the pics I've been taking since I got my phone last summer. I would post them here on my blog but I can't figure out how to change the size of photos when I upload them from my phone and I am not about to put stuff up here looking all crazy. Sounding crazy is another story. Obviously.)

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