Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I heart Santa.

Oh yes he did!

Also? I got a bike. Seriously! I got a bike from Santa! It's a floral printed cruiser with a basket and a bright green cushy seat and I am totally in love. Bill thinks Santa must have seen how happy I was cruising along Manhattan Beach on my cousin's bike and wanted me to have that much fun all of the time. He is one magical son of a gun...

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas really quick and send you an online version of our Christmas card. Just because I'm out of stamps and we may not really know each other know each other doesn't mean you're not on my nice list. Happy everything to you and yours...

Greetings Family and Friends!

Inspired by the great holiday letters we receive each year, we’ve decided to send one of our own.
Who knows? Maybe it will become a new Conran family tradition!

2012 has been mighty good to us. Bill is in his fifth year with UL, selling health and safety software to companies in the North East. That is officially his territory but this year he also traveled to Washington, Florida, North Carolina…you name it. It works out great for us because he’s only gone a handful of days each month but gets lots of frequent flyer miles and doesn’t mind if we tag along when he’s going somewhere fun (like a trade show on the beach in Naples or a meeting at DISNEYLAND!). I even got to sneak off to Vegas with him for his 35th birthday!

We’ve had a lot more freedom to pick up and go ever since we decided to homeschool Liam this year. It’s especially great now that Molly, Erick and Jack live just three hours away in Louisville, Kentucky. We hop in the mini van (yep, that’s right!), pop in a movie (oh yeah!) and before we know it, we’re hanging out with my sister. Woohoo!

So, yeah – homeschool. Crazy, right? Liam started first grade at the school down the street (where he went to Kindergarten) but after a few days we knew we had to make a change. We considered our options and, even though we never thought we could do it, homeschool suddenly became the obvious choice. So we jumped in headfirst and haven’t looked back for a second.

Who knew homeschool could be so much fun?! We signed Liam up for an online math class
(he already passed first grade with a 100%!), a science class at someone’s house, swim club at the Y, American History and Show & Tell with a homeschool enrichment program…and have just about worn out our library card. He’s made new friends, has lots of time to play with Finn, and I no longer have to drag him out of bed every morning. It’s fun for the whole family!

Liam’s favorite things include playing with friends, hosting parties, staying up late reading Calvin & Hobbes, and all things Mario Bros. This year he learned to swim (yes!), earned his yellow belt in Karate, and surprised us all when he fell in love with rollercoasters this summer at Disney World. He’s easily one of the greatest people I have ever known.

Which brings me to Finn. Man oh man, do we love this baby! He turned two this August but shows absolutely no signs of becoming terrible. He’s sweet (if you offer him something good, he’ll ask for two – one for him and one for Liam), sensitive (no sitting on Santa’s lap this year!), funny (he does impressions, tells jokes, makes faces – the works) and surprisingly independent. He loves horsies, drawing, dance parties, Yo Gabba Gabba!, his big brother (he thinks he’s a six year old), and learning songs at story time. This year he gave us our first trip to the ER (three stitches on his forehead!), learned to roll over to his back in the deep end of the pool and hold his breath under water, and FINALLY started sleeping through the night on a regular basis (better late than never!). It’s hard to imagine life without our blue-eyed blondie baby.

Which is exactly how we feel about our new Rhodesian pup, Penny. I definitely didn’t think I was ready for a new dog – losing sweet Cloey was really hard – but the second Bill brought her home last Thanksgiving, I completely fell in love. Our cat Gretchen (or “Miss” as the kids call her) is as sweet as ever (she’ll be 13 this Spring) and will almost let Penny cuddle up to her on the couch.

The boys keep me pretty busy but I still find a bit of time here and there for myself. This year The Tennessean picked up my blog and I finished illustrating my second children’s book,
Just Right Julia. I continue to love staying home with my kids and am beyond grateful that I get to do it.

We hope your year was full of laughter and love. Here’s to a wonderful 2013!

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