Thursday, December 6, 2012

Medical mysteries.

Last night before bed I noticed a small bump behind Finn's right ear. It looked exactly like a fresh mosquito bite - sort of raised and hivey - but since I haven't seen one of those buggers in at least a few weeks, I was stumped. It didn't seem to be bothering him too much, but when I touched it and asked if it hurt he did sort of a fake pathetic face, nodded and said, "Hurts." (He's so damn cute.) Since he seemed otherwise fine I just sort of shrugged it off and got him to bed.

But this morning when he woke up, I noticed the bump was still there. And it had company. Lots of company.

He was pretty much covered in hives. He still didn't seem bothered  (other than pointing and saying "hurts" when I asked him about it) but I knew I would feel much better once a doctor took a look.

Before I was even able to call the office (they open at 9), Liam decided he was sick too. No hives, thankfully, just that cruddy feeling that comes with a fever and cough. I did notice he was sniffling a lot before he fell asleep last night (he sleeps with me when Bill's out of town). I guess the Fall kid crud finally caught up with him.

Actually, he probably caught it from his brother. Finn's nose has been running down his face all week and he's been coughing off and on. But he's not a big complainer so until Liam flopped onto the couch all pathetic like and started asking for ice cream, I never even considered Finny might be feeling bad. And now he's covered in hives? Poor buddy.

Our doctor ruled out allergies since Finn hadn't been exposed to any new foods, soaps, etc. and decided it was probably just a reaction to the virus. The virus I didn't even think to mention.

"Anything out of the ordinary recently?" she asked me after ruling out an allergic reaction.

"No..." I racked my brain. "Nothing unusual I can think of. Well. Except one thing..." Why was I even bringing this up? "The night before last he found a marble from Hungry Hungry Hippos in his crib and choked on it. I mean, he almost choked on it. Thankfully my husband happened to hear him choking from the next room and ran in to save him. Anyway. Probably nothing to do with the rash but it was very unusual..."

(And terrifying.)

As the doctor (not our regular doctor, thankfully, although she was writing an awful lot of stuff in our chart while I willingly admitted my toddler had A MARBLE IN HIS CRIB...) told me she always counts all the pieces after her kids play a game and keeps everything locked in a Ziplock bag on a high shelf (ouch), she happened to notice Finn had some dried boogies around his nose. I was like, "Oh yeah! He has been sick for like a week or so..."

I guess that just didn't seem unusual enough to mention? Or maybe I just wasn't thinking. Either way, definitely not my finest parenting moment. I mean, better than the marble in the crib incident (how does that even happen?) but in no way the highlight of my week.

I did my best to make up for it by renting the boys a movie, serving them ice cream for lunch and letting everyone take a knee for the day. By bedtime I felt like I had officially put the doctor's visit behind us.

And then I totally hit one out of the park.

While brushing the boys teeth (I had to do Liam's because that's how he rolls when he's sick), I almost put face wash on their toothbrushes.

But I didn't - a miracle, I know - and that's not even the best part!

I was like, "Oh my gosh, you guys, these look exactly alike. I can't believe you've never accidentally brushed your teeth with my face wash."

"Wait a minute," Liam said seriously. "Mama! I think you just figured out why everything tasted awful and my mouth felt so weird the other day."

"Seriously? You brushed your teeth with face wash?"

Okay, maybe that's not exactly a highlight either. But it did solve the second biggest medical mystery of the Conran house this week. At least, I think that was the second biggest medical mystery at the Conran house this week...

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