Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My art + The Frist = one heck of a good Tuesday!

Got a sec? Go check out The Frist Center for the Visual Art's Facebook page and see if anything looks familiar. Here's a link:


Well, how do you like that? (And I hope you *liked* it!) Cut paper art from the cover of my children's book Christmastime to Me on the Facebook page of Nashville's biggest and best visual arts center. What a trip!

There were four winners who will share the glory one week at a time for the month of December. I can't wait to see the other art that was chosen ("like" the Frist's Facebook page if you want to see their updates, too).

When things like this happen, I have to remind myself that Nashville is a pretty good sized city. I spend the majority of my time in a cozy, tight-knit community so it feels more like a small town than anything. It feels...easy. Friendly and helpful and familiar and not unlike Cheers. The kind of place you could easily move and shake or rub elbows or whatever else they say.

I'm so comfortable here that it took me a minute to realize what a big deal it is for the city's major art gallery/museum to choose my work to display on their Facebook page. Kind of like when The Tennessean started running my blog. It was exciting, of course, but also felt kind of normal. Like if your fifth grade class put on a talent show and you got to be in it, you wouldn't necessarily think you were on your way to American Idol, right? Bill keeps reminding me that Nashville is a lot bigger than my fifth grade class. And he's right. I mean, this is the kind of place they make TV shows about!

But when the stars of those shows (cough, cough, Connie Britton) show up at your two year old's birthday party, it makes it hard to remember not to shout, "Norm!" when you walk into the grocery store.

I guess I just need to stop thinking that it needs to be so hard. Didn't Oprah always say that when you're doing what you're supposed to be doing, life gets really easy? Like once you get in the flow you just have to keep doing your thing and enjoy the ride? I could be terribly misquoting her - she's been off the air for a while. But I do know a thing or two about momentum (thanks Bill Nye!) and feel like things around here are definitely starting to pick up speed.

As always, my books are available right over here to the left and can also be found on Amazon and in Nashville at East Side Story, Fairytales, The TN State Museum and Parnassus. Cheers! (Norm!)

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