Monday, December 24, 2012

Redemption song.

I think I figured out why the advent calendar and, frankly, the entire month of December, was making me feel so put out. It's just too much Christmas! I mean, for an entire 31 days (more if you count all the decorations that pop up in October...) we're supposed to infuse everything we see, hear, say and do with the holly jolly spirit? C'mon.

Twelve days of Christmas sounds a little bit more doable. Hey, maybe that's what that wacky song is all about. It would certainly make a lot more sense than maids a-milking.

I think Jewish people might be onto something with Hanukkah. Eight days is more than enough time to celebrate any given holiday. It's a good chunk of time but I doubt anyone has a Hanukkah hangover by the end of it.

Christmas on the other hand is almost impossible to enjoy in moderation. We all tend to spend too much, eat too much and listen to SO many Christmas carols that by the time it's over we can't wait to drag the tree out to the curb. That's probably why heavy drinking and resolutions are a trademark of New Year's Eve. "Christmas officially kicked my ass this year. I swear, next year it's going to be different. Now pass the Champagne and let's party!"

Since I somehow managed to go almost the entire month of December without feeling the Christmas spirit take hold (thanks, Global Warming!), I am one of the lucky ones who gets to cram an entire season of Christmassy goodness into the next two days.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Boom! Done.

So, without further ado, I give you an ode to day one of our fabulous two day celebration. On the first day of Christmas my true loves shared with me...

Twelve burnt cookies

Eleven wacky Mad Libs

Ten painted toenails

Nine cards delivered

Eight rounds of UNO

Seven red poinsettias

Six kinds of candy

Five Santa berries

Four matching jammies

Three mild fevers

Too many presents

And a happy Christmas E-eve to YOU!!!

Truthfully? I started writing this much earlier in the day, long before the fevers fully took hold and rendered 3/4 of our family physically incapable of having a good time. I probably should have edited some of the above details (8 rounds of UNO? Sadly, no...) but I'm ready to wrap this thing up and get on with my crossword puzzle and mulled wine. Plus, you know, it's almost Santa time...

Hope Santa got his flu shot!

I hope you're surviving holiday burnout and having a wonderful Christmas Eve.


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