Sunday, January 6, 2013

New year, new routine.

Happy New Year, y'all!

Rather than making a load of resolutions this year, I'm just trying to take a good hard look at where I've been so I can reassess some things before moving forward. Okay, I think I literally just described new year's resolutions. But I swear, this feels a little nicer. Because instead of making a list of the top 20 things I have to do to make my life not suck (isn't that kind of what resolutions feel like?), I'm just taking a friendly look at my life to see where I can tweak the stuff I already like or don't like.

Top of my list - er, things I want to reassess? ORGANIZATION. Not just my house, which I can assure you is about four closets shy of having a place for everything, but my whole entire life. I need some structure. A routine. Something I can rely on to give all the different parts of my life (marriage, motherhood, home schooling, cooking, relationships, writing, exercise, art, etc, etc, etc...) equal room to breathe and grow.

The reason I can't just continue to roll with it even though I honestly like rolling with it is because I'm so crazy bad at multi-tasking. Not just bad; incapable. I just can't do it. If I'm unloading the dishwasher and the phone rings, I have to choose - answer the phone and speak to the person on the other line or continue putting away the dishes. I absolutely CANNOT do both at the same time.

Pretty sad, right?

But I guess it's better to know my challenges so I can work around them than to keep letting them sneak up and hijack my life.

So, attempting to multi-task OUT; a more organized routine IN.

This obviously means I'll have to place limits on things like poking around on the Internet and checking Facebook. Because if I can't pull myself away from putting cups in the cabinet long enough to hear what my friend just said, you can imagine how sucked in I get with an iPhone.

What it doesn't mean is that I'll have to completely walk away from the Internet altogether. I'll just have to enjoy my blogs and Instagram pics and Scrabble apps in a more intentional and organized fashion. Quality over quantity.

And I have a great idea for how to make that work for my blog!

I'm going to call it Tuesdays with Maggie (at least, that's what I'll call it in my head...). Every single Tuesday for the entire year I will publish a post to my blog. And with keeping with the whole quality over quantity thing, I'll do my best to make sure each post is something I feel good about posting. Quantity OUT; quality IN! (Not that this blog has ever suffered from a problem with quantity, but you know what I mean...) If time permits and I can post more than that, great. If not, also great!

So, anyway, that's the plan. The plan for this blog. The rest of the plans are still a work in progress.

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