Friday, February 1, 2013

Home ec.

Last night a couple of my friends came over so we could watch Project Runway together and drink wine. It's like getting together to watch football only way better because, fashion.

Which is exactly what my friend texted me before she came over. "I'm wearing pajama pants and slippers! And a fur coat because, fashion."

She's great.

I haven't watched Runway in years but this season it's my civic duty to watch and discuss and do everything in my power to make sure Amanda Valentine sweeps the show. She's a Nashville gal who is beyond cool (remember when she and Liam totally hit it off at a Cinco de Mayo party?) and it's really fun to watch her make it work.

I had to get Finn to bed right around the time my friends were meant to arrive so I left the front door unlocked and asked Liam to be a good host if anyone showed up. When I came out of Finny's room, he and my friend Linnet were chatting in the living room. She said that as soon as she arrived, he offered her a drink or something to snack on. So sweet.

We started catching up even though it was clear Finn had no intention of going to sleep. After a few minutes I realized I should probably take him that juice we had talked about. It's his new bedtime thing - we read and he has some milk, and then as soon as we turn off the light and lay him down he says, "Juice? Juice please, Mama." If we dare say NO, he launches in to a full on screaming assault. But there have been times that I've gone to get him some juice only to come back to find he's almost asleep. Or at least he would have been if I hadn't busted in waving a cup in his face. So I started lying to him. I'd say, "Ok, I'll go get you some juice. Just lay here and I'll be right back..." Nine times out of ten he'd just fall right back asleep. But Bill thought it was a silly thing to lose his trust over so we agreed on a five minute rule. So now I say, "I'll bring you some juice in five minutes if you still need it." And then if he still needs it, I have to bring it to him. Nine times out of ten he doesn't. But last night, of course, he did.

Since Liam was being such a good helper (and I had already switched out of mom mode...), I said, "Hey bud, if I got Finny some juice, would you mind taking it to him?"

"How about I'll pour him some juice and take it to him?"

"Uh, yeah. Really?"

"I think I'll read him another story too..." (Later he suggested I do this, too. "He really likes it, Mama...")

My friend was looking at me like, "Is this kid for real?" After he left the room I told her that he's been like this ever since he offered to make dinner last week and I let him. Like, really let him. I didn't come in the kitchen or offer suggestions or freak out when he asked me to remind him how to turn on the stove. He needed me to help pour the macaroni into the colander because it was heavy for him to manage on his own and he didn't want to get burned. But I kept my eyes closed the whole time. And that was the ONLY thing I did to help. He made macaroni and cheese ALL BY HIMSELF and served his family dinner.

I've maybe never seen him look more proud.

Ever since then he's had a little extra spring in his step. And now when Bill goes out of town and Liam gets to be a "grown up" to help me, he takes it much more seriously than he used to. Whereas I think it used to just be a good excuse for him to stay up late and sleep in my bed, now he seems to see it for what it really is. "Being a grown up is hard work," he told me as we unloaded the dishwasher one morning. "There are a lot of responsibilities but also a lot of rewards." Ain't that the truth.

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