Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The stuff that mommy blogs are made of.

Okay, so the problem with making a deal with yourself like, "I will publish a blog post every single Tuesday," is that sometimes the day/week slips away from you and despite your very best intentions you realize it's 10:45 and in an hour and fifteen minutes Tuesday will be OVER, and you've yet to hit publish and/or write anything except for maybe the first draft in your mind which, let's be honest, was okay before dinner and drinks at the neighbors but now seems a little, um, less than stellar.

But the deal was to publish something, right? So who cares!? Something is (almost) always better than nothing.

Such a strong intro. I wish I had a wing man. Anyway, here goes...

Do you ever sit around the laptop with your family looking at funny videos on YouTube? I imagine we all do, like it's the equivalent to families of yesteryear sitting around the radio after supper listening to Little Orphan Annie or whatever it was people listened to before they had TV. Nowadays we have LOL cats and sheep yelling like humans but it's essentially the same thing.

Anyway. One night several months ago we were looking for funny animal videos on YouTube when a hippo one came up that blew everything else out of the water. I would explain it, but, well, watching it just makes so much more sense.

Right? So I know the sound of the hippo pooping is not real because I've also seen it without the extra loud fart but the sound is important to us because when Finn impersonates it (ALLLL the time) he waves his hand around like the hippos tail while doing the sound really loudly with his mouth. Without the sound it would just be a waggling little hand and eyes opened really wide like, "You guys. This hippo was INSANE."

It's really too bad I don't have that on video.

Anyways. Anytime we would mention going potty, as in, "Hey, Finn, any chance you'd like to poop and pee IN THE POTTY?" he would immediately reference the hippo pooping. Because obviously hippos (or "poopos" as he likes to call them) are the ultimate champs when it comes to going potty. So, last week when we were at homeschool open play at the park and Finn came out of the women's bathroom totally naked from the waist down (because he had a "wet diaper"), I started thinking, maybe it's time to stop talking about potty training and do something about it.

So I asked him if he was up for it and he immediately said, "Hippo potty." Naturally. Thank goodness for the Internet, right? Within moments we had ordered Finn his very own hippo potty. And today, it arrived:

It's pretty obnoxious in that it has a couple buttons that play stories or sounds (I'm not a big fan of anything with batteries...) and it's bright blue and shaped like a hippo, but it's fairly color coordinated so I can handle it.

Plus, you know, Finn is super excited. So excited in fact that he actually used it as soon as we got it out of the box. This may not have been his first choice but once I set it up and took his clothes off for a trial run, I wasn't about to put on a "clean diaper" just so he could poop in it. He obviously had to go - he knew so better than anyone - why not take advantage of his desperate times? So instead of giving him a clean diaper like he wanted, I just sat back and encouraged him to give it a try without making too big a deal about it. He's headstrong to a fault so things HAVE to be his idea. I pretended like I didn't care one bit and tried not to giggle as he ran from room to room shouting, "clean diaper!" and stopping to bend over like he was in labor every few minutes. 

Finally he ran as fast as he could straight into the bathroom. I peeked in for just a second and saw him standing up with his little bootie positioned just over the hippo seat (he was holding onto the side of the bathtub so he didn't fall over...). I left him alone so he could have some privacy but not ten seconds later he shouted, "Mama! Come look! I did it!" Sure enough. I won't go into any more details but I did make the whole family come take a look so we could fully congratulate him, a ritual Liam found utterly disgusting. But it's a really big deal! 

Afterward, he got to go to the treasure basket, AKA, the basket where we stuck all the stocking stuffers we found in the trunk of the car AFTER Christmas.

Because he's Finn he wasn't satisfied until he and Liam got to pick a prize.

And then everyone was happy.

I half figured the pooping thing was just a fluke because Liam seemed ready to potty train at 2-1/2 but didn't really want to do it until he was almost 3. I would so much rather wait and get it over and done with in a few days than sort of do it for months on end, you know? But after his nap I asked him if he wanted to try the hippo and he went ahead and peed on it. 

Then he spent some time hanging out without pants on because that makes sense to me and he likes being naked so win-win.

At some point he dropped what he was doing, ran into the bathroom and sat on his hippo just in time to have a pee. Then he dumped it and flushed it all by himself (after showing us what he had done, of course...).  

So maybe we're there? Or maybe not. Either way he's bursting with pride over his newest accomplishment and I couldn't be more impressed with my little/big boy. Agh, he's so cute...

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