Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Best friends' wedding.

For whatever reason (maybe because I have a sister I'm close to or because I got married at 22), I haven't had a ton of "best friends" in my adult life. This might sound crazy - how many best anythings does one gal need? (and, like, how old are you?) - but you know what I mean. Best friend sounds like who you take to Disney On Ice when your parents say you can invite a friend. Like the obvious choice. It's exclusive by definition. You can't have more than one that's best.

Or can you?

Maybe instead of meaning "best" as in #1 ranking, "best" when used with friend can just mean wonderful. Totally awesome. Cream of the crop. Yeah, that must be what it means...

Because this weekend my best friend from high school, Emily, got married and all of our best friends flew to Austin to celebrate with her!

It was such a fun weekend - filled with almost enough/way too much Mexican food, a few hijinx, a million bats, and lots and lots of laughter.

We look so Charlie's Angels trying to touch that bridge!

We laughed a lot about our wild and crazy days in high school (which we thankfully realized were actually pretty safe and innocent and not at all  rapey* like they could have been), but also reminisced about the vacations and reunions and girls' weekends and weddings we've gotten to enjoy together since then.

Trisha's wedding was first (15 YEARS AGO!) and the more I think about it, the more I think that may have been what cemented us girls in our five-way friendship. Because while we had all been friends in high school, we had also been friends with a lot of other people. It's not like we were an exclusive five girl clique or anything (but if we were, I'd totally be the edgy one - just look at that short hair!). If I'm totally honest, I don't remember ever intentionally hanging out just the five of us before that wedding in Utah 15 years ago.

But since then? It wouldn't make since to do it any other way. These girls are my best friends from high school!

the bride had several outfit changes... : )
Thankfully we've had five weddings over the years which have been perfect reasons to drop everything and coordinate schedules (and flights and babysitters and time off work...) to keep our friendships rolling. 

My wedding, almost 13 years ago. I'm excited!

Mine again...Trish was 6 months pregnant!

Jaime caught the bouquet at Sum's wedding...and was next to get hitched!
So, until this weekend it had been more than eight years since the last wedding. Eight years! Fortunately that wasn't the last time we all spent time together because now that we've gone though the roster, we're going to have to start getting creative if we want to keep our five girl clique going strong. 

       the END of the night...after lots of salsa dancing/hair whipping

I think we can make that happen...

I was lucky enough to get to bring along my every-day best friend as well. He took pictures and bought us drinks and hung out in the red tent without complaining (or making it seem weird for the rest of us) and even drove us around in a convertible all weekend!
Turns out we don't LOVE a convertible (so windy and exposed!) but I found it sort of charming that he picked one out (and stuck with it even after the girl at the car rental counter confirmed that, yes, it was pretty douchey). 
Our hotel room had a wall-sized window in between the bedroom and the bathroom and the hallways were littered with the most random art wall hangings I've ever seen. A basket of puppies next to an old timey portrait of some man and then right on the other side of the hall, a Starry Night print and a calendar written in Chinese. But the bed was super comfy and we didn't really care about the rest of it (like our neighbor's balcony that looked right into our room...). We can have fun no matter where we are. 
Which actually sounds like a pretty solid wish for newlyweds - may you have fun together no matter where you are. Amen to that.
*Sorry, rapey was one of my favorite words this weekend. No idea why. Schezuan was also very popular. Not the food, the word. It was a very silly weekend...

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