Thursday, March 28, 2013

Leveling the playing field.

When I was staying at my sister's house last week before ditching the kids and heading to Austin, there was a brief moment when we thought everyone might be coming down with the plague. Jack had a fever and was up half the night crying; Finn woke up and immediately barfed in my hands (or was it just a lot of spit?); and Liam felt fine but looked crazy thanks to his jaggedy shark teeth and uncontrollable bed head.

My brother-in-law Erick was worried that the kids had caught the funk going around his university. "It's sweeping through households like crazy and it's bad. Really bad. You gotta get out of here. Seriously. I don't want you to have to miss your friend's wedding. Just go. Now! Save yourself...!"

At least I think that's what he said. Honestly as soon as I heard, "get out of here" I was out the door and half way down the driveway. Not because I was afraid I would get sick (this is not my first sick kid rodeo), but because having a little alone time out of the house for no good reason was too good an opportunity to pass up.

So I did what any girl with nothing to do and two hours to do it would do. I went to Target!

It was the perfect place to waste an afternoon. I had almost forgotten how much fun browsing without kids can be! And since I didn't really need anything (aside from a handful of things I forgot to pack...), I was free to wander up and down EVERY aisle. Twice if I wanted!

When I was got back to their house, my sister was home from work and couldn't wait to see my treasures. I have to say it was probably the most random selection of things I've ever brought home from a store. Even I was surprised at some of the things that made the cut. But there were definitely some keepers.

Two things in particular fell into the, "who woulda thought?" category (and they were both by Sally Hanson!). First up, a cheap and easy French Manicure.

I know a Frenchie isn't the most current look but it's classic and looks nice for a wedding (my wedding was probably the last time I had one). I was looking for nail polish because I forgot to bring mine but kept picking out colors I already had at home. Who wants to spend money on something you have but forgot to pack? I was about to just forget it and use whatever my sister happened to have when I stumbled upon these little beauties.

I had seen them advertised but never tried them. This was my chance! I figured worse case scenario my sister probably had polish remover (which is how you get them off). They're like little stickers that you put on your nails and then file away the excess. I definitely had my doubts. I did them while my sister and I chatted which would really say something if you knew how I multi-task (I don't). It probably took me 20 minutes? And they turned out perfectly. Not even one bum nail (highly unusual for me). It's been a week and they're still going strong. I even got complimented on my pretty manicure at piano lessons today! (More on that later...)

My second happy accident in the beauty aisle? Airbrush Legs.

Yep, you heard that right. I bought makeup for my legs. (I was wearing a pretty short dress to the wedding and didn't want to blind a boat full of people with my lily whiteness.) I went with the lotion variety (in the lightest color available) because I tend to be a little clumsy and didn't want to airbrush the entire bathroom. I was pretty skeptical (it was an impulse purchase, what can I say?) but when I did the trial run at my sister's house we were both completely shocked. My legs looked significantly better! Not that obvious fake-tan look; just more evened out and prettier. Like how your face looks after you put on a little makeup. Even my random mom bruises seemed to disappear. It's waterproof (good in case it rains I guess...or could you wear it swimming?!) but easily washed off in the shower. And unlike the sunless tanning stuff, mistakes are no big deal. Usually if Bill were to comment on the nice tan I had in between my fingers at a wedding, I would have had to just hope no one noticed. But instead, I was able to just rub it off! I suggest every one own a bottle of this to use as needed (like, all the time?). I'm not going to lie - it's going to be hard to save this for legs and special occasions.

Which makes me wonder - do some people use this kind of stuff all the time? Is that why celebrities and beautiful people always look so good? What other secrets are they keeping? Do you have some? Seriously, sister. Spill 'em!

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