Saturday, March 2, 2013


Last night I noticed the tulip on our bedroom dresser was about to do a somersault trying to get itself closer to the light in the hallway. All that work for a couple of sixty watt bulbs? Poor little thing.

I guess I wasn't the only one who had taken notice of it because when I got home from dropping Liam off at his class this morning, I noticed Bill had moved the tulip across the room so it could be closer to the window. And boy was it happy!

I'm sure I've seen flowers bend toward the sun like this before but never with such determination. This was like the little tulip that could!

Outside it may have been snowy and cold, but inside our cozy little house with our awesome purple tulip, it felt like Spring had come early.

Liam has since moved the tulip slightly, turning it away from the window so we can see if it will turn it's head again to face the sun. I thought that was such a good idea. I couldn't wait to be amazed by it again tomorrow! Although, as I'm looking at it now, I can't help but think - maybe this flower is drooping because it's dead; not stretching it's pretty little head toward the sun because it's amazing. This whole time I've been admiring it and it might not have done anything more than die at an interesting angle. 

I hope when I wake up tomorrow (at 8:30 to Liam playing Boom, Boom, Pow as my "alarm clock"... totally his idea) the flower is full-on facing the window, just waiting for me to open the shade, and not just drooping here mocking me like it is now. 

Also, I hope Liam forgets about the alarm clock idea. Although if it means sleeping in until 8:30... Never mind. Black Eyed Peas for me!

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