Monday, April 15, 2013


Well, it finally happened. Liam lost his first tooth! It fell out last weekend, at a sleepover of all places. He went to bed with two wonky teeth and woke up with one missing. He didn't even notice it was gone until his friend pointed it out. But I knew it as soon as I saw him.

Since somehow or another he didn't swallow it in his sleep (woohoo!), the kids made up a little tooth box for him so it wouldn't get lost. The next night, when it was time to stick it under his pillow and go to bed, he wrote a quick note to the Tooth Fairy asking her to please leave his tooth.

I never thought to do this as a child but now I guess it's the thing to do. Lots of kids we know do it. Ever since Liam saw the kid on Super Why do it, he's been planning to do the same.

Some other kids we know like to specify what they want in addition to their tooth. They'll lose a tooth in the evening and then write a note like, "Dear Tooth Fairy, Please leave my tooth and a baby blue stuffed Yoshi. The 7" one. Preferably not imported. Thanks!" Then they'll head off to bed fully expecting to wake up in the morning with exactly what they wished for (sometimes it even works!). I can't tell you how glad I am Liam didn't get on board with that one...

But he did wonder out loud what the Tooth Fairy might bring him. "Maybe I'll get another Beanie Boo! Or a Yoshi, like Preston. Or a gift card to Target!"

I was like, "Woah, woah, woah. What happened to kids getting quarters? That's what we used to get. If we were lucky. And then we'd walk to school barefoot in the snow uphill because I'm suddenly a hundred years old oh my gosh what is happening..."

Liam just looked at me and stuck the box under his pillow.

In the morning, he was elated. He did get a Beanie Boo! It's a little panda named Bamboo that instantly became his new favorite. (At least since his last new favorite, Cheapy - a pink chick he got for Easter.) After showing us his prize he set off to introduce Bamboo to the growing herd of big eyed stufties slowly taking over our house.

Finn came into our bedroom looking confused. "Where my present?"

Bill and I looked at each other. Bummer. "Oh, baby. I'm so sorry you didn't get a present," I said. "Liam got a present because he lost his first tooth. It's from the Tooth Fairy!"

"I lose a toof too!" he said, stuffing his entire fist in his little mouth. "Why not somefing under my pillow?"


Soon the stufty injustice blew over and we went back to Loose Tooth Watch 2013. Because the one I was sure would fall out first was still hanging on and Liam was not about to pull it (or let one of us do it). I was pretty sure he was going to choke on it in his sleep but that was a risk he was willing to take. All we could do was wait. And maybe try putting the same tooth under the pillow a second night just to see what would happen...

Right before dinner last night, Liam came into the kitchen and said, "Mama, look how far I've pushed my tooth with my tongue. It's so far it's practically out."

I leaned over to get a good look. "Dude. It is out."

"It is?" He sounded as nervous as I was relieved.

"I mean, pretty much. I honestly don't know how that thing is hanging on. Have you tried twisting it?"

"Yeah," he said and then Linda Blaired the thing ALLLLL the way around. I swear, it was like watching someone try to twist off an apple stem!

Suddenly I knew it was going to happen. "Do you want me to make a video?"

"No," he said seriously. "But I will need a napkin for the blood."

"Um..." When did my squeamish child get replaced with a handsome made-for-TV doctor? If he would have stuck out his hand and said, "scalpel," I would not have been more surprised.

As soon as I handed him the napkin, the tooth was in his hand. Then the blood was in mouth and... well, there's my squeamish child! (Squamish, but cute.)

After a quick dinner full of funny sounding words ("Can you say...suffering succotash? Bahahahaha!! What about Mississippi? Oh yeah, that's a good one. What about...thanks? Hahaha! Say 'thanks' again. Awesome!") it was time for bed. Liam decided to use the same tooth box and note he had used the first time around (why reinvent the wheel?) but wanted to make one little edit.

Wow. Good luck getting around that one, Tooth Fairy! I know if I was her, I'd have no choice but to bend over backward trying to spoil them both. Which is exactly what she did...

PS: Here's a quick photo sequence about Bamboo's first day, just so you can see why it's so easy for us to keep allowing these crazy stuffed animals into our home...

While on a walk, we discovered some real (dead) bamboo!
I told Liam I didn't think anyone would mind if he took some...
Hard to say no to this kid, I'm telling you...

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