Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bedtime story.

I've mentioned Liam and I are taking piano lessons, right? Well. This week my assignment was to take a series of notes (quarter, half, eighth...) and turn them into a melody line. It felt like a hugely daunting task. Like...writing a song.


Writing a song is something I've never done or, honestly, ever even thought about wanting to do. I procrastinated for days (like I always do) and then finally sat down to face the music (ha).

I was surprised to find the process came pretty naturally to me. Like all I really had to do was decide where to start and then the rest sort of took care of itself. Once I chose my first note there was only one direction the song could go. It was like certain notes HAD to be there while others had absolutely no place at all.

Maybe that's how everyone's ears work. I have no idea. All I know is that when I mess up playing a song in my practice book, I know it. And when I tried to put an A where a G should be, it just didn't work.


Tonight on the long road to bedtime (homeschool + daylight savings = "Oops! It's 9:30, kids!" every single night x the last few weeks...), I was practicing my song while the guys brushed teeth. When I climbed in to read bedtime stories, I was humming my very own melody line.

"What that song?" Finn asked, the way he asks about everything, always.

"That's the song I wrote," I told him. "Do you like it?"

"What's it called?" he needed to know.

"Hmm. I don't know. How about...Finny Forever?"

"Nooooo," he said somewhat annoyed. "That not it's name. Wet's call it, 'Bella."

I laughed. Bella is our neighbors name. The girl Liam would marry if he hadn't already committed to being a bachelor forever. "You love Bella don't you, Finny?"


"Did you know that Liam wants to marry Bella someday?"

"No," he said immediately. I marry Bella." He sounded pretty serious.

"Uh oh," I said, laughing. "You can't both marry Bella. What are we going to do? "

"I give her a toy," he said.


Sending a "mailbox" from our treehouse to hers... pre-pre-pre-teenline

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