Saturday, May 4, 2013

Daydream believer.

Don't laugh, but the other night Bill and I watched The Secret again. Yes, that Secret. The law of attraction hullabaloo that got Oprah all hot and bothered a few years ago and set our lives on a totally different trajectory.


I know it's maybe the corniest movie ever made (and the book isn't that much better) but it's completely responsible for introducing me to the idea that I could have or do or be anything I wanted in the whole wide world, without exception. That the only reason anything is out of my reach is because I think it is. I limit myself by what I think and wish for and the choices I make. We all do. But it doesn't have to be that way. There's a whole other way of thinking and living and being and, silly as it may sound, The Secret is what opened my mind to all that.

Watching it the other night felt completely different from watching it the first time. Whereas before I hardly understood it at all, now it seemed like second nature. My kids would probably think it was a joke if they ever watched it. "Uh, why would something so obvious be called a secret? This doesn't make any sense at all..."

I think they're really lucky. Can you imagine being raised knowing that the whole entire universe was available to you? That anything you wanted to do or be, you just could. Maybe you were raised that way, but I wasn't. I mean, I was in theory (Americans are free to do whatever we put our minds to!) but I keep finding beliefs buried deep down inside that are subconsciously holding me back.

For instance, if I'm daydreaming about how great it would be to live at the beach, I automatically talk myself out of it. "Even if we moved to a coastal town, we couldn't afford to live on the beach. We'd probably have to live in some tiny house without so much as a view and both work eighty hours a week to afford it. Nope. So not worth it."

Because for whatever reason I still don't believe that's an option for me. Isn't that silly? I mean, it's not like my life is any less incredible than living at the beach. And yet, for some reason, certain things still feel completely out of reach. Possible for some people, maybe, but not for me. Like all I can do is sigh and think, "Must be nice..."

Well, that's crazy. I honestly didn't even know I was still doing things like that until our little movie date the other night. I thought I was 100% on board with making my wildest dreams come true. And I am. But I need to stop editing so much.

If I want to live at the beach, I should make that my intention and start paying attention to the opportunities or ideas that arise that just might help me make that dream a reality. It's just as possible as anything else, as long as I'm willing to start taking the steps to make it happen. No one ever got anywhere thinking it must be nice for someone else.

Of course, remembering all this really just confirmed one thing: I'm already living the life of my dreams.

Obviously, right? Still. It's nice to be reminded once in a while. It makes every moment of every day that much sweeter. I guess they call that gratitude. : )

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