Friday, June 14, 2013

Bonnaroo, Hatch Show Print and some random rambling.

Hey friends! Just a quick update before Bill and I pack up the car and head out to Bonnaroo for the weekend. You're either like, "You're going to Bonnaroo?" or you've never heard of it. Both responses make equal sense. All I know is it's an outdoor music festival but since it's my first time going I can't really say what it's like. This little snippit from the Bonnaroo website should tell you more than enough:
4 of the best days ever. 80,000 happy campers. 700 Acres of Tennessee Nature. 150 epic performances. 10+ stages of music. Several dozen comedians. An escape into Excitement. Music. Art. Discoveries. Trees. Fresh Air. Green Grass. A mini film fest. Friends (Old / New). Adventure. Overwhelming happiness. Hugging a stranger by accident. Sharing and Generosity. Bonnaroovian Dancing. Hyperbolic verbiage. System overload. The perfect bite of ice cream. Sandals. Fallovers. Chirping Birds. Flashing Lights. Food and Drink. Variety. Singing. Laughing. Short shorts. High-Fives. Rocky IV in the cinema tent at 3am. Spicy Pie. Memories. Someone dressed up like Teen Wolf. Holy Cow(!) Moments. Interesting factoids. Egg sandwiches. More music. Adventure. Deep Breaths. Big smiles. This. That. The Other. Hellos and Goodbyes and reminders of all that we have to celebrate and look forward to next year and in the future.
I know. Crazy, right?! I like that I waited until 35 to experience something like this. It kinda cracks me up. Bill went last year and honestly hasn't stopped talking about it which is really saying something for him. On more than one occasion Liam has even called him out on it. "Ugh, Dada. Are you seriously talking about Bonnaroo again?" Needless to say, I had to see what all the hubbub was about.

I'm not sure yet but it seems like it might be the perfect combination of what Bill and I like to do. He's a music guy and I love to camp and be outside. Ok, I like the idea of camping and being outside. If it's too hot or buggy or not perfect, I kind of wimp out. But the weather is supposed to be great this weekend and I'm hoping the Woodstocky vibe injects me with enough positivity to just get over myself  and have the best time ever.

I've got my Bonnaroovian wardrobe all picked out and even took a trip to our new H&M to round out the details. And by details I mean every single thing I'll be wearing this weekend was purchased yesterday. Like jean shorts. Yes, really. What can I say? I enjoy myself more when I dress the part. That way instead of just going somewhere for the weekend, I get to take a vacation.

My sister and her family are coming here to stay with the boys while we're gone (so lucky) and when we get back they'll leave Jack with us for a few days while they go home to work. Then Moose will come back to get him and my cousin Alexa and her friend will fly in for the weekend. I am SO excited for this. I haven't spent time with Alexa since she was in high school and now she's a college graduate and a grown up and a beautiful, amazing lady and I seriously just can't even tell you how honored I am that she's coming to see my and my family. Can. Not. Wait!

Like usual, having company is my favorite excuse to look around my house with hateful eyes, trying to see all the things I want to fix. There were just a few major things we decided to address this time around. The biggest deserves it's very own post: Finny got a big boy bed! Other than that, we're switching out some lighting (aka, getting rid of the hideous track lighting we've had since we moved in almost 9 years ago...), fixing a few things and freshening up the artwork on the walls.

Which is what I really wanted to tell you about! If you're a Hatch Show Print lover like me but never know what to do with your oddly sized posters once you have them home, I have a super cheap and easy solution for you.

Go to Michael's right now and pick up some 18 X 24" poster frames (on sale for $7.99!). Choose some mat board (also in the frame department) in whatever color you like with your print. (The mat boards I got were $6.99 each and were the perfect size for two frames.) Just center your print on the mat board, frame and voila - super cool custom wall art for under $20! Our kitchen has never looked better (not that you can tell from this awful picture but whatever...).

Ooh! One more thing before I go. The Tennessean ran my post about unschooling yesterday and I am beyond thrilled. My editor titled it: "Unschooling is really using the world as a classroom" which is just perfect and exactly what it is and I'm so happy to be able to shed a little light on something that is so often misunderstood. I feel really...proud. Like maybe in my own way I'm helping this movement gain a little traction. Be the change you want to see and all that.

And with that I'm off to spend the weekend in a field! Wow, things just got really hippie up in here. : ) I hope I get a chance to tell you about our weekend sooner rather than later but, like I said, lots of fun stuff coming up. This summer has been crazy busy, y'all. In the best possible way, but still. Hard to find a minute for the ole laptop.

Have a good one! xoxo

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