Saturday, June 1, 2013

iCan Bike Camp | Family Farm Day.

We interrupt this irregularly scheduled broadcast (sad face) to bring you two exciting events happening next week in Nashville...

First up, iCAN BIKE CAMP!

iCan Bike is a five-day program for people with disabilities who want to learn to ride a conventional two-wheel bicycle independently. During camp, participants each attend a 75-minute session Monday through Friday. Riders learn on special equipment, assisted by camp staff and volunteer helpers.

Volunteer helpers...this means YOU!

Camp is June 3-7. It's an all day event but volunteers are only asked to help for about an hour each day (there are several different time slots still available). Click HERE for more info. This will be my first year participating and I'm really excited. It's an opportunity to fill up on "warm fuzzies" (as my friend/event organizer puts it) and might even give me the skills I need to finally get Liam off training wheels.

If you are able to help at all, please e-mail or call Erin Kice at 615.337.1230 to learn more. Free childcare! Warm fuzzies! Bikes! Camp! I mean, really, if you have the time, you'd be crazy NOT to do it...

Exciting event #2 - Family Farm Day at Buffalo Valley Farm!

Community Food Advocates, a Nashville non-profit striving to end hunger in Middle Tennessee (no big deal), is hosting its first ever family friendly farm-to-table fundraising dinner and it's going to be a blast. If you've ever seen one of those PBS or Food Network shows where wholesome looking people come together in a field to share a lovingly prepared meal while appreciating the farmer and the crops and the animals and the Earth while the sun slowly dips behind a rolling green hill and thought, "Damn, where do I sign up for a life like that?" Well, here's your chance! AND it's family friendly? I'd call that a dream come true.

Sunday, June 9th 3:00-7:00 pm, Buffalo Valley Farm. Event proceeds support Growing Healthy Kids, a program of Community Food Advocates, which brings parents of public school children, students, and community members together to increase access to healthy food in public schools.

For tickets or more information, email or go HERE.

Hope to see you there!

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