Sunday, June 2, 2013

Round up.

Man-oh-man, summertime is definitely here. Even though we're technically homeschooling year-round, there's just something about summer that feels completely different than the rest of the year.

Our days are full of fun, our washing machine is full of beach towels, and our freezer is (temporarily) full of Popsicles.

Even though we haven't had a whole lot on the calendar, fun stuff just keeps jumping up and grabbing us.

On more than once occasion a quick outing, carpool or conversation has turned into a whole day of fun.

These are my favorite kind of plans. The one's you don't have to make. You can almost always ensure some good memories when you end the day somewhere other than where you thought you were going to be.

Still. After SO much fun we were starting to get wiped out. We had to have an entire do-nothing pj day to recover.

Well, Finn and I did (he even gave himself a mani-pedi when I wasn't looking...). Liam went to Art Camp (and yet another play date!).

He's been a busy kid. He swam in his first swim meet, lost another tooth, earned his purple belt in karate, learned a duet (with me!) for his very first piano recital, and has read about a dozen Captain Underpants books.

It's a big job keeping up with him. No wonder Finn keeps falling asleep on the couch!

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