Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The decider.

Bill's mom was in Nashville for the past week or so and we were beyond thrilled to have her here. It had been WAY too long since we had seen her and even longer since she'd been in our home.

The boys were so excited to show her all the things that have changed since her last visit. Especially Finn. Because holy smokes has this kid grown! He's in a big boy bed, and wearing underpants, and  ordering from a menu at the Cracker Barrel (Grandmama's fave) and then just eating his lunch like it's no big whoop (if you've ever eaten a meal with Liam, this alone will blow your mind). He's so independent and capable and...impressive.

He's really growing up!

But without all the fanfare that I'm used to, most of his milestones have gone somewhat unappreciated. Not unnoticed by any means but certainly un-written about. And since this blog is as much our family's memory keeper as anything else, it makes me sad that he doesn't show up here more often.

With Liam, each milestone was a shared accomplishment. We were potty training. We were transitioning to a big boy bed. We finally tried a bite of pizza... Even now there's occasionally a little bribery or cajoling to get him to try something new.

But not Finn.

Finn's the decider. Once he's ready to do something, it's done. He doesn't have to think about it a whole lot or try and fail a hundred times before he gets it right (although he seems perfectly fine with failure, which is awesome). He just kind of does things, on his own, preferably without a lot of grown-up interference.

In fact, if I do try to teach him something or help him when he doesn't want help, he just digs in his heels and refuses to learn. I have to let him come to things on his own in his own time. You can't out-stubborn the decider. (Trust me...)

The best thing about this is that he gets to own every single thing he accomplishes. Every milestone is his success. Not mine. Not ours. HIS. It's very empowering. I think it's why he's got so much swagger...

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