Friday, August 16, 2013

Finny's 3rd birthday pARTy.

This LAST weekend we celebrated Finn's 3rd birthday with an art party for him and his buddy Coen. They share a birthday and friends so it only makes sense to combine efforts. Half the work, twice the fun!

(Doesn't my friend Erin make the best stuff?! She's my graphics design hero.)

I ordered a face painting kit at the last minute (Amazon Prime is my BFF) and at the VERY last minute asked a friend if she would man the station. That was a stroke of pure genius because her face paint awesomeness was the hit of the party.

She did an amazing job and the kids LOVED it. (Except Finn who always prefers to DIY.)

We had a couple card board houses for the kids to decorate/play in which were a great way to keep everyone engaged and outside. At about $35 bucks a pop, they also made great gifts for the birthday boys and would probably have been a fun little keepsake if I had brought ours inside before it rained. (Although, I'll admit, it wasn't totally an accident. The last thing we need is more stuff in this house. And besides, it's the process that's important, not the product...)

I also made a photo cut out from the box our house came in which was super cute and would have been just as good to paint and play with as the house if only I had found a better way to prop it up. Next year...

Instead of cake or cupcakes, we decided to do an ice cream sundae bar. It seemed like such a good idea. An artistic dessert! No baking! Cold ice cream on a hot day? Perfection! But as soon as we told the kids it was time to make their sundaes, absolute chaos broke out. 

Overwhelmed grown ups are no match for a hungry mob of little people and the DIY toppings that seemed like such a creative touch suddenly seemed a little WTF were we thinking.

(Just smile and scoop, smile and scoop...hopefully no one will remember this was my idea...)

At least we warned people their kids would get messy!

All in all it was a great party and a wonderful way to celebrate our special little guy (and our Coco!). We are so thankful for our Nashville family and beyond happy that our boys get to grow up with such amazing, supportive people in their lives. 

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