Thursday, October 24, 2013

Morning work.

Liam is attempting to teach Finn the alphabet this morning. No easy task considering Finn really doesn't give a hoot, but Liam's still doing the very best he can (I may have told him he could watch whatever show he wants - not just that educational crap - if he taught his brother the A, B, Cs...).

It's super sweet to see Liam with his teacher hat on but also a little scary. He gets SO frustrated when things don't go his way. I'm half afraid he'll have an aneurysm in his underoos. I'm really hoping he didn't pick this lovely trait up from me...

Finn is completely unmoved by the experience. He likes the attention but is taking the lesson about as seriously as a kid taking his cousin to the prom. Even when Liam completely loses his cool and melts to the floor in a pissed off puddle of defeat, Finn still cheerfully drinks his yellow juice (he refuses to call it "orange") and says the alphabet however he darn well wants.

It's killing Liam.

"Why can't he be more like meeee?" he whines, clutching his chest and holding back tears. "I bet it didn't take me nearly this long to learn the alphabet!" 

"I honestly don't remember having to teach you," I said shrugging. "You just kind of picked it up along the way."

"WHAT?!? Ugh, that is so not fair!"

"I know, right? I guess that's what happens when you watch Blue's Clues every day instead of Angry Birds videos..." 

His blood pressure dropped about twenty points and that angry vein in his head stopped throbbing. He made sort of a thoughtful face then went back to the white board and started fresh with Finn. I think for a moment he may have realized how hard it must be to be a Finny in the Liam World.

Instead of grilling and shaming, Liam simply sang the alphabet song and smiled at Finn when he kinda sorta sang along. "I love you, Liam," Finn said appreciatively. "I really love you." Then he went back to saying E instead of C and rolling around on the floor with his light saber.

And then, while I was having my piano lesson, guess what Liam found on the Internet? Learn the Alphabet WITH ANGRY BIRDS. Genius.

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