Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I heard a story on NPR the other day about a girl who grew up in a family of hoarders. She never knew her home was different than any one else's until she was in kindergarten and mentioned to her teacher that her parents had locked her little sister in the trunk of the car. It turned out her "little sister" was just a doll but Child Protective Services still had to pay the family a visit. The story went on and on but I wasn't paying much attention. All I could think was, "I'm so glad Finn doesn't go to school."

We're not hoarders (just normal messy people) and I've never locked anyone in the trunk of my car (at least not against their will) but Finn is definitely a liar. At least, that's what Liam calls him. I prefer to think of his stories as nothing more than stories. And, boy, do we have a budding creative writer on our hands!

He has a lifetime of material just based on his mom. No, not me. His mom. I've never met her but she sounds fascinating. One minute she's pouring boiling water with poison on his feet and the next thing you know she's taking him to fly three kites at Shelby Gottoms. ("Oh, Shelby Bottoms," I say making sure I've understood him. "No. Shelby Gottoms." "Shelby Bottoms? Like the park we go to all the time?" "No. SHELBY GOTTOMS." Then me makes me repeat it back to him. "Shelby..." "Shelby?" Nods. "Gottoms..." "Gottoms?" "Yes, Mama. Shelby Gottoms. It's awesome there. It even has a waterfall. My mom takes me there all the time...")

If you ask where his mom is now, he usually gets kind of a sad face, shrugs his right shoulder and says, "She had to go to the hospital." Which is a bummer for sure but not nearly as bad as what happened to his dad. At first he was just eating all the ice cream sandwiches in the house with Finn and his girlfriend (!) but then...he died. 

If he ever does go to a real school I hope it has a full time guidance counselor with a great sense of humor and a lot of time on her hands.

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