Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013.

I have nothing against a store-bought costume - ours are some of the most played with things we own - but there's something so great about throwing an outfit together with whatever you have lying around and a little imagination. I think it's especially fun on Halloween...

Homemade Halloween - 2008. We didn't have to buy a single thing!

This year I really wanted Finn to be Hulk Hogan (his friend Coen was going to be Macho Man Randy Savage...) but he insisted on being Luke Skywalker. At first I wasn't so sure (it seems like such a shame to waste a perfectly good blond mullet...) but when I spotted a Darth Vader mask at the grocery store for $8, I started to come around to the idea.

The boys have been Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader pretty much all month but Bill and I didn't pull our costumes together until the last minute. We were obviously planning to be Princess Leia and Han Solo but when Bill realized he could use some of my leftover bun hair for a long braid and hang out in a Snuggie all night, he decided to be a young Obi Wan Kanobe.

I think it was a great decision.

As for my Leia costume, it came together pretty easily. I knew as long as I had the hair, the rest of it wouldn't matter all that much.

I put my hair in side buns right above my ears and then wrapped several braids around each one. (I made the braids from a weave I got at Hair World for $5!). I used lots of bobby pins and hair spray and everything stayed in place all night long which is kind of amazing considering how insane the weather was last night. 

Like 10' tree branch through our neighbors' windshield insane. 


As for my outfit, I just cut a neck hole in a sheet, stitched up some sleeves and added a few gold accents. 

We tested our costumes out at a party over the weekend and when I got swarmed by a group of boys who WOULD NOT leave me alone, I knew I hit the Leia on the head. 

And when we all got suited up to go trick-or-treating last night? I have to admit we looked pretty darn cool.

It was such a great night. The forecast called for a 100% chance of rain plus possible tornado warnings but we were lucky enough to stay safe and dry all night (well, except for that car...). It was warm enough to hang out on the porch well into the night but the menacing dark clouds and howling wind made it feel extra dark and spooky. It was a perfect Halloween night.

My independent little trick-or-treater...such a big boy.
(To which he would immediately say, 'I'm not a boy, I'm Luke Kywalker!')

Hope you and yours had fun! (Or, if your Halloween got postponed until tonight...enjoy!)

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