Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tricky treat.

You probably know by now that when it comes to worrying about my kids I'm more free-range parent than helicopter mom. I typically assume everything is a-ok unless I actually see blood.

Trick-or-treating was no exception. We went with a group of neighbors and friends so the whole "it takes a village" thing was in full effect. The kids ran from house to house while I went at my own pace, chatting with friends and loosely looking after whatever child happened to be closest to my person. Every now and then Bill would yell out in a panicked voice, "Do you have Finn?!" and I'd shake my head like, "Dude, you must trust the village..." before scanning our hodge podge group and confirming that, yes, indeed someone was looking after Finn.

It went on like this for a few blocks before we decided to head back to the house. There it shifted from "it takes a village" to "Lord of the Flies" because, well, that's just how we roll. The kids do their thing while the grown ups do theirs. The lines blur from time to time of course (sometimes a grown up want to jump on the trampoline while a few kids might want to join the conversation...) but at no time does it feel like someone's "in charge".

(Except maybe Liam.)

I happened to glance into the Rec Room at some point and notice all the kids going through their candy, sorting, making trades and eating as much as they could before somebody stopped them. It was so cute and completely reminded me of Halloween when I was a kid. It was usually just our family but we were still up past bedtime, in costume, a little cold and worn out from trick-or-treating and eating candy like it was our job.

My dad would always test a few pieces to "make sure it was safe" and, even though I knew he was just teasing so he could steal my Mr. Goodbars, I also remember that being a pretty legit fear. Is it just me or were all kids in my generation raised thinking they might find a razor blade in their mini Snickers? Seems ridiculous now - I mean, who in their right mind would ruin a perfectly good mini Snickers with a RAZOR BLADE? - but I guess I had seen enough local news to know that stranger things could happen.

I have never for one second thought I should check my kids' candy to make sure it was safe. That may seem completely ridiculous to you, I have no idea. But we stay close to home, avoid creepers and use common sense. Plus, it's just candy, right?


Imagine my surprise/panic when I found this in Finny's bed the next day:

No, it's not a tequilla sucker (my first thought) but that doesn't make it any less bizarre. THERE IS A FREAKING WORM IN THAT CANDY! Of all the tricks and treats, I NEVER expected to find this stuck to my three year old's pillow the day after Halloween.

Turns out, our neighbors got it at the Adventure Science Center a while back. My friend thought she had gotten rid of it but apparently her daughter had been stashing it, waiting to surprise someone with it on Halloween.


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