Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Head wound, take two.

Every month at homeschool library hour, Mr. Andrew starts the class with the same question, "What is one thing you've learned this month."

As a laid back homeschooler whose son's favorite answer is usually, "it's hard to say..." I would be lying if I said this didn't make me slightly nervous. Please don't say nothing, please don't say nothing, I think as I stare Liam down from across the room with wide crazy eyes and raised eyebrows (my version of The Force) - to make something - anything! - pop into his head.

He always volunteers some sort of an answer and I am usually pleasantly surprised (last month he said something about regrouping and place value!). But I could still do without the pressure.

We had to skip the library today which is a total bummer because Liam had the perfect answer way before it was time for class. He said the most important thing he learned this month was that sometimes little kids know more than big kids.

He was referring, of course, to his little brother. Last night when their friends were over, Finn wanted to play babies while everyone else wanted to wrestle. Wrestling won but just a few minutes later, Liam lost. He got body slammed left temple first into his head board just as Bill was walking into the room. "Um, guys?" he said calmly. "I think I'm bleeding..."

Boy, was he right! Heads are the worst, aren't they? They just bleed and bleed. It was just like the time Finn busted his head open at the ice cream shop. A small but deep cut that was just so much more open than I'm used to seeing.

With Finn, we rushed him off to Vanderbilt's Children's Hospital right away where we stayed for SEVEN HOURS waiting for three stitches. I regretted the trip even before we got our bill (more than a THOUSAND dollars...).

So this time, I was prepared to wait and see before rushing off to the hospital. We cleaned Liam up, closed the would with a tight bandaid and took the party down about ten notches. While the kids watched Star Wars, Bill and I Googled head wounds and decided that waiting until we could call the pediatrician's office this morning was perfectly reasonable.

When I called at 9 am sharp to make an appointment, they were slightly more anxious about it than I was expecting. What time did it happen? How soon can you be here? I started to worry that I had made the wrong call.

But everything turned out to be FINE. When the nurse took off his bandaid, we saw that the wound had already started to heal itself (Liam wouldn't let me take the bandaid off until we were safe inside the doctor's office - taking the first one off "hurt worse than hitting his head in the first place!"). The doctor used a little Derma Bond to glue him back together and within a few minutes we were good to go.

Thank GOD he's still pretty!

SO much better than spending the night at the hospital. I'll have to tell Mr. Andrew that I learned something useful this month too!

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