Friday, March 7, 2014

Now listening: Haim.

Unless I know you or you've been on SNL lately, I probably haven't heard of your band. It's not that I don't listen to music; I actually listen to lots of music. It's just usually the same music over and over again. Come to my home and you'll likely hear reggae or my trusty Spotify mix that's heavy on John Melloncamp and Jack Johnson (which I no longer listen to ironically).

Fortunately Bill plays all sorts of new and interesting music at the house so our kids shouldn't grow up to be too nerdy (at least as far as music is concerned). No eight year old's favorite song should be Cherry Bomb by ole Johhny Cougar.

Occasionally a new band breaks into my heart all on its own and when it does it immediately goes into heavy rotation.

Our soundtrack for this sunny day is Days Are Goneby Haim.

I saw this band of sisters (sisters!) perform on SNL recently and fell in love. Check 'em out and have a fabulous weekend!

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