Friday, March 28, 2014

The family that grows together, grows together.

We are so excited about our potential mini-farm, we can't even stand it. If the weather were anything like it's supposed to be in late March, I swear we'd be real gardeners by now.

But it snowed a couple days ago and froze the other night and today looks grey and miserable. So we've had to channel our excitement into other things. Things that can't freeze or die or make us regret getting so darn excited about growing our own food.

We built a raised bed (without fighting or getting divorced!) and had a whole bunch of healthy soil delivered to fill it. We even ordered worms for our compost bin and garden.

Over the weekend we went to an organic gardening class at No. 9 Farms in Ashland City. It was great to learn so much about the hows and whys of gardening, but it was especially great to reconnect with our neighbors who left our street to start the farm.

From a city lot in East Nashville to 40 acres in Ashland City...can you imagine? It was Stephanie's dream to live like Little House on the Prairie and the family is working together to make that happen. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

What about you? Any potential gardeners or full fledged farmers out there? Do you work together as a family or is it your time to veg out? (Ha! Gardening pun...)

If you can't (or don't want to) dig up your own yard, there are lots of other ways to connect with spring. You could grow something inside (how fun would real grass be in an Easter basket?), or stick some colorful cut flowers in a vase. I've been springifying our house a bit here and there by swapping out fall colored pillows and throws for brighter versions.

And if none of that sounds good, forget your own house and go to a festive garden party! This Sunday, 12th and Broad is hosting a family friendly event where you can craft (and eat) and plant (and drink) and enjoy the coming season with your little ones without having to mess up your house (did I mention there'd be awesome food and drinks?!). You can buy tickets here.

Happy (snowy) spring!

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