Monday, April 14, 2014

Security brother.

We went to a birthday party this afternoon. One of my oldest friend's son turned 8 and we just happened to be in town for the party. Best timing! It was at one if those bouncy places that the boys love so, of course, they had a blast.

I kept thinking about the last time we happened to catch a party with this family and remembering how shy Liam was. He was clingy and slow to warm up and never really left my side. And now? Look at him! He's running around like he owns the darn place!

We were probably there 20 minutes before I realized Liam and Finn were practically glued together. No wonder Liam didn't need any time to warm up. He had a built in side kick!

Once I noticed it, the whole thing became even sweeter. And kind of funny once I realized that Bill and I were doing the exact same thing...

They never left each other's side the entire party. It was so, so sweet. 

Later I told Liam how much I appreciated him looking after Finn and helping him feel comfortable. "I'm glad Finn was there," he said. "Without him I'm too shy to have fun!"  

Siblings for the win!

Just some old pics of me and parents have stuff like this stuck all over the place - I can't help myself!

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