Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Death by Braverman.

So, I finally got caught up with Parenthood. As in, I just finished watching the season finale. Of this season.

Meaning there are no more episodes for me to watch. At all.

I HATE when this happens.

I like to be able to watch my shows whenever I want. Preferably in rapid fire succession when Bill's out of town. Binge watching, they call it.

It's my favorite guilty pleasure.

But I don't actually feel guilty about it and there's nothing pleasurable about ending a show. So that sucks.

Tonight feels especially bad. The last episode I watched was SO emotional and I'd had kind of a tough day. Not for any reason/for all the reasons, you know? It got late, the big kid finally went to bed, and I sat here on the couch drinking wine, watching Parenthood and crying like a goddamn baby.

Now I'm honestly a little afraid for my life.

Not for any other reason than I can't breathe. Which sounds pretty serious but mostly it's just inconvenient. Okay, it's a little scary. I mean, my entire nose passageway is completely blocked. It's an absolute no go. I tried blowing it once and that was SO not going to happen I don't even want to try again. I can't even sniffle. I'm just going to sit here on the couch, breathing through my mouth and writing this nonsense on my iPhone for no other reason than I can't imagine going to bed with such a teared up nose. So, I'm sorry/you're welcome. (Lots of slashies in this here post.). I'm honestly not sure what else to say.

Except maybe this:

Occasionally I've been known to have a bit if Braverman envy. Yeah, I know, they're a fictional made-for-tv family, but still. I can't help but sometimes wish I had a family like theirs.

Except, really, I don't.

Because you know if that was your family you'd be up to here with Zeke and all his meddling and totally irritated by any number of things that go on around there.

If I'm completely honest, I've got a good thing going. I have a good relationship with my husband, my kids (most of the time/maybe not today/long story), my sister and my cousin; parents and in-laws that are far away but doing their best; and not all that much drama, considering what some families go through.

Basically, if I'm honest, the Bravermans can suck it.

I know, I know. That's just the season finale talking. But I'm mad at them/I miss them already.

This is so not helping me convince Bill that there's value in watching TV dramas.

But it did give my nose enough time to start working again. So I guess that's awesome. I can breathe/there's nothing else for me to watch on TV. So I guess it's time for me to climb in bed next to my boys and go to sleep now. Probably could have done that before writing all this but, you know. xo

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