Friday, May 9, 2014

Pillow talk.

Since Bill was out of town last night, the boys slept in my big bed with me (it's one of our "Dada's out of town" traditions). I was trying to get a bit more shut eye this morning (another one of my traditions is binge watching TV late at night...) when Finn rolled over to Liam's side, handed him one of his favorite stufties and asked in his sweet gravely three year old morning voice, "Did you have any dreams last night?"

Liam was waking up a bit slow so he turned it back on Finn. "Did you?"

Whether or not Finn had any dreams he could remember didn't matter one bit He held his entire hand up in the air and said, "I had this many dreams!"

"Five. Wow," said Liam. "Tell me about them." His tone of voice is so sweet in the morning.

"Well, the first one was about Penny Goo," Finn said, looking at the dog laying on the foot of the bed. "She was licking me!" He burst into giggles.

"What about the second one?"

"My second dream was about Missy Goo," said Finn as the cat walked into the room. "She was going potty. ON THE POTTY!"

"Wow. What about the third?"

"My third dream was also about Missy Goo. She was on the ROOF! And my next dream - "

"Your fourth."

"Yeah, my fourth dream. Missy Goo was on the wall!"

"What was she doing?"

"Just climbing up!"

"What about your fifth dream?"

"In my fifth dream, Missy Goo was... ON THE FAN!"

I love when Finn tells stories. He can take whatever mundane details he happens to see and instantly turn them into truth. This used to drive Liam nuts. "Mama, why are you supporting this? He's lying." But I choose to see it as creative license. "He's not lying, Liam, he's creative! You have to let him use his imagination. Just...go with it." Eventually he got on board. Now we all love Finn's stories.

"Liam," Finn asked enthusiastically. "Did you have any dreams?"

In fact, he did! But since Liam's dream was one he had while sleeping, it was slightly harder to recall. There was a boy and a girl who Liam didn't know ("they were totally random") and they all went to Tatooine (from Star Wars) for some reason and there were all these random shops and the boy must have gone into one of them because, later on in the dream, when they were all at our house jumping on the trampoline, the boy offered everyone some chocolate be bought on Tatooine.

You know, basic, random, dream-like stuff.

I love that this is how my boys wake up in the morning. Together, talking and sharing their dreams. I'm so glad I get to crash their slumber party once in a while.

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