Thursday, May 22, 2014

That one time at the beach...

We spent the day yesterday with a couple of our favorite families at Percy Priest Lake. It was a gorgeous day and the kids had a blast swimming, playing in the sand, and hula hooping their little hearts out.

I brought some of my hoops and showed off some of the things I could remember, even teaching a few tricks to the more...obsessed future hoopers. At one point Liam said, "Wow, Mama. I had no idea you were so amazing at this!"

It was kind of a perfect day.

You would think there would be nothing in the world that could bother my kids. But what's a child without something to gripe about?

Liam got it into his head that in order to really have fun at the beach, Mama had to swim. Now, I'm usually more than willing to take a dip - shoot, I'll spend a whole day in the water! - but yesterday it was way too c-c-c-cold. Even when I got nice and hot sitting in the sun, I could only wade up to my waist before retreating back to my towel.

I thought for sure that would count. Mama was in the water! I even chased Liam around a little and ran from him when he tried to touch me with his freezing cold wet hands. That's fun, right?

Nope. He wasn't satisfied AT ALL. In fact, my trip into the water really just bummed him out and made him all mopey. I didn't really swim, my hair was still dry AND he bumped his toe. His day? Suddenly the WORST.

I tried to ignore him but he insisted on sitting right next to me, berating me about how not fun I was being. Which, I gotta say, is crazy. I brought hula hoops for goodness sake. I'm fun! My friends think so. The other kids think so. Why didn't he?

Because he's my son and it's his job to push me in all sorts of crazy directions.

After a while of being fun-shamed and cooking in the sun, I decided I could potentially go back in the water. The general consensus was that the ONLY way to do it was to run as fast as you could and dive under before your body could register how cold it was and and react in a logical way.

So I did it. All the moms did! I grabbed the closest kid's hand and ran into the lake and dove under the water and came out laughing. It felt fantastic! Cool but not cold and way more fun than sitting in the sun getting pestered.

Liam was totally impressed. He ran out to the water after us saying, "You did the impossible!" Then he and I swam out to the buoy thing (like a divider between the swimming area and the rest of the lake) with all the friends and stood on it and dove off and had a few chicken fights and laughed our faces off.

"Mama," Liam said, bobbing up and down in the water just inches from my face. "I'm so glad you girls decided to get in the water. Now we're all having so much more fun!"

It was true. The kids had been swimming and having a great time all morning but once we were ALL in the water, everything changed. Suddenly we weren't just spending the day at the lake, we were making memories that would last forever. I just know that one day when Liam or I look back at the summer's of his childhood, we will both remember this moment.

I'm so glad I took the plunge.

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