Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another day, another dinner.

I should probably know better than to get my hopes up but I'm crossing my fingers that these babies turn out as good as they look. More importantly, I hope Liam doesn't keel over dead at the sight of his dinner.

We accidentally did that thing where instead of checking the fridge before running to Costco, we just threw things into the cart willy nilly. It wasn't until we came home with a six pack of red bell peppers that we realized we already had a drawer full of them.

We cooked up a bunch fajita style for easy weekday lunches (Bill calls it his "Chipotle meal" and saves $10 a day when he remembers to pack it) but we still had a laughable amount of peppers. That's why I decided to make stuffed peppers for dinner tonight.

The kids are rice, peas and cheddar cheese. Ours are quinoa, kale, tomatoes, mint and feta. They're all definitely edible; I just hope they'll be a hit.

Because Liam already cried at lunch today and I really don't want to sit through any more mealtime drama. I suppose it's my fault - serving him a burrito like a damn monster - but the more I learn about nutrition, the more I realize what a disservice I've done letting him eat mostly what he likes for the past eight years.

Proper nutrition is so important. Especially for growing kids. I just want to kick myself for all the times I've let him win the food fight and cringe when I think about all the sugar and junk he still eats on the daily. But I'll give myself a pass. Because compared to how he used to be? He's a healthy eating machine!

A few weeks ago, our neighbor invited us to the soft opening of his new restaurant, Adele's. Normally we wouldn't have brought the boys  - because anywhere without a predictable kids' menu is just asking for trouble - but they were really excited and we thought it would be fun to share the experience with them.

Turns out, we were right. Despite the very grown up menu, both boys found something they wanted to order (and did so with lovely manners, I might add). Liam chose the gnocchi which we told him was like fancy pasta and when it arrived covered in pesto and tomatoes and other deliciousness, he didn't seem nearly as freaked out as I thought he would be. 

"Is this my gnocchi?"

"Looks like," we said, waiting for him to complain about the green bits or the sauce or wondering if it was going to be spicy. But he just dug in! We held our breath. And waited. We exchanged hopeful looks. We wrung our hands. And then, he took another bite! 

He loved it! I couldn't have been more shocked if I tried...

Meanwhile, Finn ate a whole chicken. He has to bulk up on meat when he can since he doesn't get it very often. I suspect that's why he likes going to Trader Joe's and Costco: SAMPLES.

So, I predict that when the timer goes off and dinner is ready, Finn will think his stuffed pepper is adorable and eat it like a starving puppy. Liam? Well, let's just wait and see...


After dinner update.

These kids are full of surprises.

Finn refused to eat which never happens while Liam was so excited to tell us about the stop motion movie they're making with the neighbors that he hardly even noticed what was on his plate.

Eventually everyone tried the "cheesy peasy rice in an edible bowl" (if you sing it it sounds really fun and delicious) and nobody even cried! Finn dug into the edible bowl part first (because that's just the kind of kid he is) and declared it awesome. So Liam tried it. He didn't hate it! I told them I thought they'd like the rice but that the pepper would be a bit of a stretch. Liam said, "Well, I guess you're in a vice-versa type situation," which reminded Bill of the movie Vice Versa (and Big - family movie night STAT!) and Finn spent the rest of the night telling us about the one time he watched Vice Versa with his grandparents before we were born and it had a big scary monster and he really didn't want to watch it again. Then he put his face in his food, we told Liam to TAKE A BITE eight thousand times and all was right in the world.

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Love the last picture! :)It reminded me of the mashed potatoes scene from A Christmas Story.