Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Reading with our eyes shut.

Over the weekend, Finn got into the habit of napping with his cousin Jack. He was never much of a napper as a baby (or a sleeper...) and when we realized a year and a half ago that he wouldn't go to bed on time if he rested during the day, we said goodbye to naps forever.

Which is just a total bummer for so many reasons.

I'm a huge believer in the importance of sleep. So the fact that my child might not be getting enough (although, he's probably fine) kind of drives me nuts.

Plus I really miss the routine of it. The break in the middle of the day, the guaranteed time to read together, the break in the middle of the day...

I really miss that break.

But the reading together is important too. Sure we could read together whenever we want (and we do), but when it's not scheduled, it's way too easy to end up doing other things.

So since Finn was kind of used to napping and completely worn out from swim lessons this week, I tried to continue the routine of an afternoon rest.

Only I had to re-brand it.

Instead of calling it nap time or quiet time or rest time or anything else that might make Finn stomp and cry, I decided to call it Naked Alone Time.

He was totally on board.

While reading our three books before Naked Alone Time earlier this week, Finn chose a chapter of The Little Prince, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut by Dr. Seuss and Raindrop Plop.

After reading I Can Read With My Eyes Shut, I told Finn I would read the next book with my eyes closed. He thought that was hilarious. But since I've read Raindrop Plop approximately eight thousand times, I realized I could read it from memory no problem. So I did. And sweet Finn almost died.

I have to admit, it was pretty funny. But it also got me thinking... isn't reading from memory one of the first signs of pre-reading? I know Liam used to "read" his books all the time and before we knew it, he was reading everything for real. Maybe before this Finn didn't know that he could read with his eyes shut? Maybe now he would try to read a bit on his own?!

Just a few hours later, he answered my question.

We were watching our neighbor baby for a bit so his mom could drop the guys off at the Ryman to see Morrissey (Bill said it was the best time he's ever seen him EVER...and that's saying something!). We've hung out with Max several times since he was born but there was something about having him at our house that totally bowled Finn over.

He loved it. He asked to hold the baby almost immediately and when I said okay he told Liam that he was growing up and that he was going to babysit this week. Then he held Max and kissed his head and asked me to bring him his night-night. When I took Max back for a second, Finn ran off to get a book.

"Mama, I need to hold Maxie again. I need to read him this book!" He had chosen Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See which was such a perfect choice. I knew he could read it to Max. And he did! He read each page and showed Max the pictures and just generally made me want to rip out my IUD and get pregnant.

Thank goodness we have so many great baby friends we can borrow. If you need a little buddy to babysit sometime, Finn, apparently, is open for business. 

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