Saturday, August 16, 2014

Aloha from Hawaii, day one.

We're in Hawaii! We arrived yesterday morning and are beyond thrilled to be back home at our home-away-from-home. (For those of you who haven't "travelled here with us" before, we're on the Big Island in Kailua Kona at the Mauna Lani Resort. Bill's parents bought a condo here a million years ago and we're lucky enough to be able to come visit whenever we can make it happen. They rent it out as well so if you're interested in an AMAZING vacation, email me and I'll hook you up.)

Yesterday at the beach, I was watching Liam play in the waves while Bill and Finn walked up to get a drink. This kid is awesome at playing. He gets totally lost in his own little world and it's really fun to watch. He looks like a modern dancer doing an interpretation of something really intense complete with sound effects and big sweeping motions. At one point he was laying on his back on the shore (full mask on, of course), letting the waves gently roll him up and down the beach (not unlike his Mama!).

One of my most favorite pastimes is watching people, trying to figure out their story. Watching Liam on the beach makes me so glad I know him - not just for how awesome he is but also for the fact that there's no way I could figure out his story if I wasn't a part of it.

I was also watching the kids next to him playing Smash Ball in the water. They were about twelve years old, blonde, tan, sinewy and strong without a hint of self consciousness between them. I couldn't tell if they were brother and sister, cousins, friends, or just a couple of young swimsuit models taking a break from their photoshoot.

I guess I should mention that confident twelve year olds are kind of my gurus. I can't relate to them AT ALL but I find them fascinating and impressive. They are big enough to look like perfect, slightly smaller grown ups but they're completely comfortable in their skin like kids. Sometimes at first glance, I think they are really fit adults, like marathon runners or yogis or something. But then they start to play and run around and I realize they're just kids.

It's like this sweet spot in life I don't remember experiencing.

At one point, Liam realized his boogie board was washing out to sea without him so he swam off to get it. As he did, he noticed the Amazonian duo and stopped to watch them play. He set up shop right in between them, rested his arms and head on the boogie board and watched the ball go back and forth, like an LOL cat watching tennis on TV.

It was hilarious.

I was picturing what might be going through his head. Was he as impressed and intimidated by these kids as I was? Did he wish he was that tan? Blonde? Athletic? Did he wonder what it was like to dive for a ball in the water without worrying about your swimsuit going right up your butt? Did he hope he would keep his confidence throughout his tween and teen years?

After a few minutes he grabbed his boogie board and ran over to where I was sitting. He was smiling ear to ear and shaking his head. About half way between me and the kids he yelled, "Did you see that?" I nodded and thought, Yes! I could barely take my eyes off of them! He took a couple more steps and laughing said, "Those guys are HORRIBLE at ping pong!"

Meet my new guru.


Jen Dominguez said...

Ah... the swooshing interpretive dance of our boys. When, I wonder, does that morph into the self-conscious shuffle of adolescence?

No Mommy Brain said...

Jen - it'll be a sad, sad day when the swooshing stops. In the meantime, play date??