Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The artist formerly known as Finn.

Recently the boys started an art and music class once a week. It is the first time they’ve taken a class together and, I have to say, it might be the greatest thing that’s ever happened EVER.

And I'm not just talking about the two hours of uninterrupted me time which is ahhhhhmazing.

It's so fun for me to hear about a class from two different points of view. And since I'm used to Liam's less-than-detailed responses to, "How was your day?" (good, fine, hard to say, not sure, etc), I feel like I'm finally getting a glimpse into the kids' school experience outside the home. Finn has told us all about Bluegrass and Beethoven, sang us a song about five groovy buttons, and filled every blank piece of paper he can get his hands on with a masterpiece.

I think he's really found his stride as an artist. There's no end to this kid's creative energy! He just draws and draws and draws. Or paints and paints and paints. Basically whatever medium is in front of him becomes his obsession.

AND, as if that wasn’t cool enough, he's even become interested in writing!

We were at dinner one night and Finn wanted to write his name at the top of his coloring page like Liam did. I looked up from my watermelon salad and saw Liam teaching him how. “Do a straight line down and then two across for your F. Yep, like that. Now an I is just a line down with a little dot on the top. Perfect. Now two little mountains for Ns. You did it! Finny! You wrote your name!”

Now Finn just writes his name. Like, no big deal, I got this.

But what’s even cooler than that? Now that he knows letters make words he wants to write all the words. He’s constantly asking me how to spell things and when I write them down, he copies them. They're not always in the right order and sometimes it looks more like cuneiform than actual words or letters but HE'S WRITING!!!

“Mama, how do I write Princess Leia?”

“How do I spell Earth?”

“How do you write YOUR name?”

It’s amazing. It didn’t feel like reading or writing were on this guy's horizon at all and yet, here we are. It’s incredible to witness kids acquire new skills. They all do it their own way, in their own time. Sometimes you just have to be near enough to help (or applaud) when they’re ready. Or get a big brother to pass the baton at exactly the right time.

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