Thursday, October 30, 2014

Scared healthy.

At the end of my cardio blast class this morning (a real butt kicker), our teacher told us about a friend who passed away earlier this week.

He worked for her family in construction so he considered his physically demanding job his exercise. He had quit smoking about a year earlier and was trying to eat healthier but admitted to falling back on fast food several times a week. She said he didn't exactly look healthy but he wasn't obese by any stretch. Really, nothing about him would make you think he was a ticking time bomb.

And yet, at 34 years old he had a heart attack and DIED.

He had a first grader, you guys.

I am a mostly healthy person but, like everyone else on the planet, I could definitely do better. I sleep enough, drink plenty of water (most days), have been intentionally exercising at least a couple times a week (but need more cardio), and eat (at least in theory) a healthy diet.

But her story shook me up. If I know I can do better, why not?

I have recommitted myself to leafy greens and will find a way to incorporate at least some cardio into my day to day. I know that a healthy lifestyle is no guarantee (I have a good friend who lost her extremely healthy 36 year old brother-in-law recently to a brain polyp no one could have seen coming) but that's no reason not to do it anyway.

I am sharing this with you because I needed to hear it and thought you might too. Are there areas in your life where you could do better? Diet, exercise, sleep, water, mental health, joy, passion? Pick something and do it for a week. Create a good habit to take the place of a bad one. Do it for yourself, your kids, your loved ones, me. Do it for Nike! JUST DO IT.

Athena - goddess of wisdom, war (and arts and crafts!) holds
Nike - goddess of victory.  (from our field trip yesterday)

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