Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Today we went to the lake beach with a couple of our favorite families. It was pretty awesome to be hanging out in swimsuits the same week as Halloween (and not just because I could say the water was cold as a witch's tit and almost get away with it...).

The kids played in the water a bit (even though it was, well, you know) but spent a lot of the time on the beach. They buried each other in the sand and "amputated" each other's sand limbs (it was supposed to be gory for Halloween...), built tons of cool tunnels and pools, played a Harry Potter themed throwing game I'm guessing Liam made up, and sat around asking us to tell them stories.

I love when this happens.

Today we talked mostly about prom. What we wore, who we went with, what it was like. I told them about the time about 10 couples came to my house for dinner before senior prom and I botched the spaghetti I was supposed to make for dinner and everyone had to eat tacos straight outta the box from Taco Bell. And, as if that wasn't embarrassing enough, there happened to be a news crew at the house filming one of the girls so EVERYONE got to see how awesome I was.

Our theme was "Unforgettable" - it sure was!

(I swear I wasn't trying to convince the kids that prom isn't all it's cut out to be. Like, Just in case you poor little homeschoolers don't get to go to prom , don't worry. IT'S NOT THAT FUN.)

I love storytelling. It brings us closer together, let's us share our history and helps us preserve memories. It's one of the reason's I keep up with this blog. I love knowing that we have some of our stories down, you know? That no matter who remembers what, we'll have something to come back to for reference. Although, I just realized that it's not exactly our family's history I'm preserving but my own.

My perspective = my story.

Tonight at soccer, Liam asked if he could read another story on my blog. This is a new development - the subject becoming the audience - and so far, it's going pretty great. It started last week when I wrote about Finn playing soccer. Liam and I were sitting at Finn's practice when the kids discovered the cones and started putting them on their hands. "That's so funny," I said. "I just wrote about cone hands today!" He was curious so I let him read the story. Part way through I made him stop while Finn was taking a water break and had to give him the eye when I caught him sneakily turning the phone back on. "I'm sorry," he said. "It's just such a good story. I have to keep reading to find out what happens!"

I mean, kind of the best compliment ever, right?

Since then I've let him read a couple more stories. Liam stories! I was a little nervous - it's one thing to read about your brother but quite another to read about yourself - but he really enjoyed them. He said that it helped him remember what happened and liked reading what it was like from my perspective. I encouraged him to start writing his stories from HIS perspective (or MY stories from his perspective!) and sincerely hope he will. If for no other reason, than so one day when his kids' friends ask him to tell them a story, he'll have lots of good stuff in his memory to choose from.

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Gayle Ayres said...

:) Worry not! Homeschoolers have a prom...at least they do here...Anna (I homeschooled her junior and senior year)was able to attend part of hers...yearbooks, too!