Saturday, November 1, 2014


As many of you know, I'm a big fan of Halloween. I like the costumes, the decorations, the spookiness, the time of year (so great for photos) and the utter lack of expectations. Unlike Christmas, which is so easy to get caught up in, Halloween is a lot more take-it-or-leave-it. Less expectations mean more fun if you do get involved and less guilt if you don't.


I was talking to a friend about it the other day, expelling the virtues of my most favorite holiday, when she dropped a pretty major bomb. "I don't like Halloween," she said. "It's way too much work." I sat there for a second in shock. How could she not like Halloween!? It's the best! I felt like, as her friend, I had an obligation to turn this around for her. I would make her see how fun it could be. I would make her like Halloween!

I mean, what's not to like?

You can transform your house to be a little bit scary or creepy or, at the very least, involve colors it normally doesn't. It's like a house-sized art project!

And speaking of art projects?! There are so many fun things you can do with pumpkins and glitter and glue, it's like a non-stop craftapalooza.

You get to come up with costume ideas and find ways to make them come to life. (We decided on Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Professor Mcgonnagol and Professor Snape. Sadly, we never got a picture of us all together...) You can be literal or store-bought, abstract or creative - however you want to capture the essence of what you want to be. And you better believe there will be glue guns involved!

(Plus, it's still really fun to pretend to be somebody else once in a while.)

I even like the candy. I know a lot of families who limit what their kids can eat or keep and, while I totally get why that's a good idea, I also have no intention of doing that at our house. Candy is part of what makes this holiday so much fun! I mean, half my memories from Halloween are of counting and sorting my loot. (And after a few days when I put it up high, my kids pretty much forget about it anyway.)

Ooh, and don't forget the themed out party food! I could scroll through creative party food on Pinterest for days. And then spend at least that long shopping and prepping and trying to make Pinterest happen in real life (I'm convinced this in impossible and yet, it doesn't stop me from trying.)

So, yeah, I guess what I'm saying is that for this take-it-or-leave-it holiday I decided to TAKE IT ALL this year. Which means instead of convincing anyone how great it all is, I think I proved my friend right. Halloween (at least the way I chose to do it...) is a LOT of work. It's fun work, but still. I'm going to have to main line some candy corn to get through trick-or-treating tonight...

Edited to add: As my friend who thought she didn't like Halloween was leaving our house last night she said, "I had no idea Halloween could be so much fun! This was awesome!" Mission accomplished. And now? We crash.

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