Sunday, November 30, 2014

Young men and the swamp.

After our big day in Orlando, we headed to New Orleans to visit our friend Guy (who the boys now call Uncle Guy). It was kind of a funny place to go right after Universal Studios where everything is fake but looks real. New Orleans might look fake but everything you see is real. Like, the most real you've ever seen. That place is legit.

Walking around the French Quarter felt not unlike walking around Disneyland. The architecture is interesting, people watching is at an all time high and parades spontaneously break out right in front of you.

We had to keep reminding the boys to keep their hands to themselves. They had gotten accustomed to everything being staged for their entertainment so it was kind of a mind trip to step into a place that looked pretend but was not.

Cool to see but a little loud and grown up for the boys.

Not that they let that stop them...

Plus, the real reason we had come to New Orleans was the swamp.

We always talk about taking the boys fishing and camping, but we're just not very good at it. We could certainly just do it and figure it out as we go along but when we have awesome uncles who have all the gear and expertise? Why not outsource?

It was an uncharacteristically cold day but we didn't care. We loaded up our supplies, stopped off at Walmart for a few provisions and then drove straight out of civilization. Picture Beasts of the Southern Wild then dial it back a notch.

Or maybe half a notch.

It was like nothing I'd ever seen before. So beautiful and peaceful and otherworldly. The boys took to it immediately and before we knew it we were out on the swamp, opening beer bottles with old propellers, fishing live shrimp out of the bait bucket, and casting away.

It didn't take long for the fish to start biting, an experience I've never had no matter how many times I've gone fishing. It was really cool to be able to tell when I'd caught a fish (sort of wiggly) versus a plant or a crab.

Yes, I caught a crab with a fishing pole! A kid-sized Anakin Skywalker fishing pole no less. I reeled it in thinking I had something and when I pulled my hook out of the water there was a crab hanging onto the shrimp with his claw. It was so cute! I swung my line over the boat quickly so he wouldn't get away and let him drop off into the boat. This seemed like a great idea but it immediately sent both boys into tears. Apparently crabs are way freakier than fish which are not too creepy as long as they're far away. We learned this the hard way when Liam reeled in his fish and we made him do the classic "look what I caught" photo.

Fish in a net = exciting

Fish next to me = uhhhhh


I'm outta here.

Let me show you how the pros do it, buddy.

Super thankful for our village.

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