Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Drive-by parenting.

On the way to Liam's tutorial this morning, Finn taunted him: "We're going to do so many fun things without you today, Liam!"

"Oh yeah," said Liam, skeptically. "Like what?"

"Like just everything fun that you like to do that you can't because you're going to be at school. Me and Mama are going to do ALL the fun things without you!"

Liam was understandably unfazed - Finn didn't seem to have a very solid plan and I certainly wasn't chiming in - but as soon as we picked him up this afternoon he asked, "So, what fun things did you guys do today?"

I racked my brain and came up with - nothing. I mean, literally, not one single thing came to mind. I know we did stuff - we had to right? - but if I had to come up with an alibi (hello, Serial...), I'd be screwed. "We were at home doing...things? Fun things, apparently. I'm just not exactly sure what..."

Does this ever happen to you? I'm not going to lie, it happens to me all the time. If we don't leave the house or do something specific (as in, something I have written on the calendar), the whole day can feel like a bit of a blur.

"Well?" Liam persisted. "What did you guys do today that was fun?"

Finn filled him in on all the shows he watched and video games he played while we got in the car. This was not helping my case. If Finn gooned out in front of a screen all day, what the hell did I do?

"I know something we did," I said suddenly, a little too excited. "Finn learned how babies are made!"

"Yeah," said Finn. "A baby gets made from an egg that is in the mom's peegina and a seed that is in the dad's body. It comes out his penis! So the dad has to put in penis in the mom's peegina to get the seed in there. And that makes a baby!"

So I can't account for six hours of my life? Big whoop. Parenting like a BOSS...

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