Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to bathe your cat (in two parts).

There are many benefits to having a husband who occasionally works from home. He spends a lot less time sitting in traffic so his work day is shorter (and he's on time for dinner!). He can hold down the fort while I run out to the gym or make a quick trip the the grocery. And the boys get to spend a lot more time with him (even though he's working he's still home).

It's also just kind of fun to have his energy around. The dude is always thinking (and can multi-task like a mo fo) so you never know what to expect when he says something like, "You've got to check out this video I just saw..."

(Honestly? It could have been ANYTHING.)

We've talked about bathing the cat before but nobody thought we were serious. I mean, who would purposely put their cat with claws in water? Sure, she's fifteen, has never had a bath and seems a little greasy sometimes. So what? That's all just part of her charm.

And yet, the lady in the video made it look so easy...

"Let's just try it," Bill said. "What's the worst that could happen?"

Awkward silence.

We came up with a plan. I put on kitchen gloves and held Missy in the sink while Bill used the sprayer hose and some Dr. Bronner's to clean her back. We stayed away from her face, tail, legs, was actually kind of pathetic for her one and only bath.  But no one got mauled! And she definitely seemed less greasy when it was over.

After we got her fairly dry, we brushed her and gave her some treats. She seemed really happy. And I have to say, she had a lot more swagger than before.

Fast forward to last night. It was pretty late - sometime between dinner and drinks with my friend and falling asleep in Liam's bed to ward off bad dreams. I was in the bathroom, getting ready for bed while the cat paced around meowing at me (she's gotten much more vocal in her golden years). Bill had saved me his bathwater (we share a bath almost every night) but I got home too late to use it. I was just about to drain the tub when I decided to sit down to pee and close my eyes for a second.

Can you guess what I saw when I opened my eyes? Cat in the bathtub! I'm not sure which one of us was more surprised. I mean, really, it was one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. She was trying so hard to get out and I desperately wanted to help her but I was laughing so hard it was making me move in slow motion. And then, the noises started.


I. Was. Dying.

By the time I actually got up to help her, she had somehow managed to scramble out on her own. Her legs, tail, belly - pretty much everything that had escaped the bath the first time - were all dripping wet. She no longer had swagger but was now almost 100% clean. That's a pretty exciting week for an old ass cat...


(Please note the end of the video where she almost claws my eyes out and Finn blows up a balloon for the first time...)

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Amanda Conley said...

Amazing. Now if you can just train her to potty in the toilet! :D