Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Love the players, hate the game.

We just got off one of those wild and crazy weekends that started Friday and, thanks to the thin blanket of ice covering everything in Nashville, shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

We are now in the why change out of pjs? portion of the weekend. But on Saturday and Sunday we were definitely on the party circuit. It started off with a kid's birthday party which, if you have young children, is how a lot of these weekends tend to start.

The party was for one of Finny's friends from school which was so sweet. As the youngest, it sometimes seems like he's just along for the ride. Like we don't go out of our way to nurture friendships with his friends because he can just hang out with the friends we already have. We have come to realize that this could have something to do with why he never wants to go to school. So we're trying harder. It felt good that all of us were tagging along with him for once.

After the party we had to rush rush so I could put the finishing touches on our Valentine's Day scavenger hunt. This is a tradition carried over from my childhood and we all look forward to it every year.

All the clues rhyme (I'm a sucker for rhyming things) and lead the boys to places that are somewhat significant. Like Finn's school...

The desk we built together...

The community center...

This year, the final clue led them to Theater Bug where I surprised them with tickets to the incredible Inside Out Atlas. They found it just in time!

Of course, as soon as Finn realized we were seeing a play in a dark theater, he started saying, "Why are we here?" and asking if we could go home. (Just another example of dragging him along whether or not it's appropriate...) By the time the play turned sob worthy (it's about adoption and the actors did an amazing job tugging at our heartstrings), Bill was asking the same thing. Between sobs. "Why did we come here??"

We promised the boys ice cream after the show (way more fun than conversation hearts) and after that decided to check out the newly re-opened Dino's. I mean, it was our Valentine's Day too. "Boys!" Bill said as we parked the mini van out front. "Your first dive bar!"

It was everything we love about a dive (minus the smoke!). And bringing the kids made us feel like we were in Ireland or something. Kinda sweet for the most romantic day of the year.

The kids loved it too. Finn asked the bartender if he could change the music to Rolling Stones and then chose several other favorites from the jukebox. After that, he went back to the bar to ask for some bacon...

You would think after such a fun filled day we could go straight home and crash. But nooooo. We still had to tie die costumes for the next morning's Mardi Gras parade!

We decided to be "Party Ninjas" which was a culmination of ideas. Finn suggested ninjas. I wanted to do tie dye. And Liam made us stick to traditional Mardi Gras colors. (Bill picked up the check. And did his own hair and makeup...)

Because it was freezing cold, we decided to skip the parade and stayed inside with the mimosas. It was a super fun morning with friends that could easily have become an all day event. But we had that other birthday party to get to...

The next party was obviously not a costume party but what could we do? Once you put on a wig or face paint, there's really no going back. Finn gave everyone Mardi Gras beads to help level the playing field and I did my best to embrace the afro.

By the time we got home, we were all exhausted. I was desperately hoping there was something on TV we had to watch all night - like the Olympics or the Oscars or something - and was beyond thrilled when I discovered the SNL 40th anniversary special.

I may not have ever mentioned this out loud but if I could go back and live my life again, I would get on whatever path leads to being a part of that show. And please don't try to encourage me like, It's not too late! You could do improve or stand up comedy or something! No. That's NOT what I want. I just want to know what it feels like to be on SNL. Kinda like how I want to be a prima ballerina when I watch the Nutcracker. I don't want to take some sad adult ballet class now. I want to be the dang Sugarplum Fairy.

Anyway. Liam was slightly disappointed that we had TV plans that didn't include him. It's been his thing lately to get out of bed after Finn falls asleep so we can watch MasterChef Junior together. I'm not gonna lie - it's a good little routine. But it can't happen every night. So I told him no, said goodnight, and settled in to let Bill handle the rest.

This was a bigger job than anyone could have anticipated. Suddenly the kid who loves his nightly alone time needed a LOT of attention.

"He says he needs more time with me," Bill said after laying in his bed with him for way too long. "He's really sad that the weekend is over already and we didn't get more quality time together."

Now, I'm not usually one to call B.S. on a kid but this sounded an awful lot like he cow poo. Hadn't we just wrapped the most family centric weekend ever? Maybe we stumbled into quantity and forgot to pay attention to quality? It is possible to spend a lot of time together and never really connect. Maybe that's what happened?

And yet...


I think we might be getting played. Hi, Theater Bug? I got another cute kid for you. I'm not sure if you can trust him but he's real good at the whole heartstrings thing... 

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