Monday, February 2, 2015

Superb Owl, 2015.

Nine Super Bowls ago, Liam was born.

I don't know who won that game, or even who played. It didn't matter. It still doesn't...

We watch the game every year but by "watch the game" I mean "eat the chips." And last night we totally ate the chips. I may have even dipped one in Liam's birthday cake. Which was gross. But not really. What was gross? The end of that football game.

I know, I know. It's football. It's supposed to be aggressive. But something about the end of that game felt like the straw that broke the camel's back. There is so much about football that troubles me. The violence and entitlement and concussions and domestic abuse - none of that stuff is okay with me. Yet I'm willing to set it aside for the Super Bowl. Why? Because it's a tradition. A time to eat the chips when everyone else is eating the chips. It's American!

But last night just felt ugly. Not the whole game. Actually, for a while there I was really enjoying myself. We had Liam's birthday party earlier in the day so laying on the couch zoning out to football and commercials was exactly what I wanted to do. And did I mention the chips? Yeah. I was handling all the emotionally wrought commercials (Cry Fest 2015) and sincerely appreciating the physical ability it takes to play football as well as those guys can. (I love seeing people at their best.) But then it came down to the wire and everything kind of went south. We were all on the edge of the couch, waiting, watching, wondering what was going to happen when a stupid brawl broke out. It felt like, "Damn. Yep. America..."

I think it might be time to make the Oscars my new chip-eating televised event...

Anyway. Liam's 9th birthday party! It was Harry Potter themed, of course, which meant I got to introduce my favorite oldest child to the joys of Pinterest. We made wands and Butter Beer and a Platform 9-3/4 and a game we called "Quidd-ish" (like Quidditch but not exactly). We held the party at the Community Center because squeezing a whole party worth of people into our house in February can be kind of tricky.

(Turns out running supplies back and forth from the car to the Community Center in the rain was tricky too, but we made it work.)

I think everyone had a good time and the party felt like a success. We were all exhausted (and wet!) when we got home (Finn was sick last week and he shared a little of his germs with all of us...) so we changed into jammies and got cozy as soon as we walked in the door. We found spots on the couch to watch the game and the boys would drift back and forth from the couch to their beds where they were reading some new books.

I was lounging on the couch when Bill went off to join them for a bit. All of a sudden I heard him whisper yelling for me to, "Come here NOW!" I ran into the hall and saw everyone going out the front door in their jammies. I quickly followed to see what all the commotion was about. In the tree right outside the boys' bedroom window was an owl. A HUGE owl. Like, I've never seen an owl this big (and we just went to an owl sanctuary!). We were all stunned. Speechless. Amazed.

"Do you think it's here from Hogwarts?!"

"But I'm only turning nine, not eleven!"

"Does she have a letter??"

It was an incredible sight. And thanks to the hashtag I kept seeing all night (#SuperbOwl2015), it kind of re-framed the evening for me. Super Bowl 2015 might have been a bit of a bust but Superb Owl more than made up for it.

(I'll share more about the party in a separate post - Liam totally wants to be on Pinterest now so if I'm going to link up I should probably try to stay on topic. ; )


Amanda Conley said...

So fun. Happy birthday Liam! Emet turned 9 this weekend too!

No Mommy Brain said...

Aw - happy birthday, Emet!