Monday, April 20, 2015

Best laid plans.

A while back a few friends and I had a great idea. A mom and kids mid-week campout. We'd avoid peak time at the camp ground, the kids would have lots built in playmates (and the most fun time EVER!) and we could divide the work and hang out all night around a campfire.

Win, win, win!

We found dates that worked for everyone (no small feat) and booked a couple sites. Everything was falling into place.

Except the weather.

The forecast called for rain, thunderstorms and more rain. We were bummed. The kids were, too. But who wants to camp in the rain?

Not this girl scout.

We had no choice but to call it.

Except at the very last minute the mom with the biggest backyard suggested we move it to her house. We could put up our tents, cook dinner over a fire and make s'mores. And if the weather really was as bad as predicted, we'd just move inside for a big sleepover.

New plan!

We were so stoked.

On the day of the campout, it rained off and on but we were undeterred. We packed and shopped and set up tents and picked up all the kids from their various activities and got right down to the important business of camping. I'm not going to lie. It was pretty epic.

The kids ran around playing some sacrificing game I think Liam came up with (no idea - but it kept them ALL busy and happy which is pretty cool considering they range in age from four to fourteen). We cooked hotdogs over the fire, told stories, drank wine out of plastic cups and laughed like a pack of hyenas.

When it got dark, we realized we'd never made our beds so my friend and I strapped on headlamps and started blowing up air mattresses. I'm not sure why but I found this absolutely hilarious. I guess I don't wear a headlamp very often.

Anyway, as I was doubled over cackling (instead of helping), Finn came up to me with a pack of graham crackers in one hand and an uncooked s'more in the other hand (his marshmallow was stuck on a little branch he found...) and said, "Can you help me? I don't know how to make s'mores."

I almost died from the cuteness. (And almost blinded him with my headlamp.)

I wish I had more photos to share but the truth is it was pretty much raining the whole night. It was a light rain - not much more than a drizzle, really - but it still did the trick. By the time the s'mores were eaten, we were all wet. Like the kind of wet you might not notice until you looked at the person next to you (by headlamp!) and realized they looked like they just took a shower with their clothes on.

As we sat around watching the fire, I think we all separately started thinking about bedtime, realizing what a racket it was going to be with a bunch of wet kids and wet sleeping bags and wet everything. Someone suggested we could just call it a night and go home. And just like that a new plan was formed.

The kids were bummed. We were, too. But now that we knew a mid-week camp out was possible (and super duper fun) we knew we could easily do it again another time. Preferably on a night that wasn't so wet and muddy. But really, even with the lousy weather, we had totally had an experience. A mid-week campout! And even though the whole thing only lasted four hours, I know we made some memories to last a lifetime.