Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Just call me Zeke.

So. I told you I made Liam audition for a Theater Bug play, right? Well, guess what?

He loved it!

As soon as he auditioned, he knew this was something he really wanted to do. Which was great news because a couple days later he got a call back for the MAIN CHARACTER!

He was soooo excited. Okay, maybe a little freaked out (the main character in his very first play?! auditioning against some of his very best friends?!). But mostly he was just thrilled to get a call back.

When he found out he got cast as one of the Nelson twins, he couldn't be happier. He would get to experience being in a play without all the pressure of being the main character. It was the perfect first role for him.

I was just as excited as he was. Liam has never done any team sports or anything with an audience so this was really my first time to see him shine on stage. So I did what any crazy stage mom would do and invited everyone we know.

Yep. Even out-of-towners got the call.

After trying and failing to help him prepare for his callback (apparently I stressed him out...), I completely left him alone during the rehearsal process. He didn't even let me read the script! So come opening night, I was completely surprised.

Although, blown away is more like it.

I was completely blown away!

By how bright and shiny and happy and confident Liam looked on stage. By what this group of kids was able to accomplish in one week. By the entire section of audience that was made up of our friends and family...

I am consistently grateful for the love and support we have in our lives but having an out-of-towner here to witness it (my cousin flew in from L.A. for the play!), let me see it from a fresh perspective. We are so lucky. And while I used to watch shows like Parenthood and think, "Aw, man, I wish I had a big family like the Bravermans..." now I know that what we have is even better. Because we don't have to be in each other's lives, we choose to. It's a beautiful thing.

And for my kids? I am so happy for the big, fat, friend-family that surrounds them. At the Saturday night performance, I counted TWENTY people who came to the play to see Liam. No, really. Twenty! They didn't even know anyone else in the play. They literally just came out to support my boy.

I'm still letting that one sink in.

Some of his fans bombarding him after the show.

Just signing some autographs, no big deal...

The other night Liam and I went to a fundraiser for The Theater Bug. There was an auction and ice cream and a performance made up of past songs and scenes that we watched with a new sense of belonging.

Me: "Wow! Mr. Tyson can really sing!"

Liam: "Yeah, he's pretty much AWESOME. And I didn't even know that before I was a bug!"

Here's to finding your place and nurturing it with all you've got. I love this life.

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