Saturday, August 29, 2015

The crystal anniversary.

When Bill and I got married fifteen years ago, we never could have imagined the life we have now. We had no idea what we wanted to do and really had only just started to figure out who we were (totally still working on that, by the way). And yet, somehow we knew we wanted to figure it all out together.

How is that possible? To be so young and just...know. Were we stubborn? Stupid? Lucky? It's hard to say. But I can remember clear as day how easy it was. We just knew. That wherever life might happen to take us, we'd want to go together.

I have to say, I think that's pretty cool.

It doesn't mean it's always been easy though. Growing up is hard work (that hasn't stopped either, by the way). But it's also non-negotiable. Imagine if we had stayed who we were when we said our vows all those years ago. That'd just be weird. You have to keep growing as individuals while somehow not growing apart from each other. It's no small task. And yet, most of the time it doesn't really feel all that hard.

Having a partner through thick and thin, through good times and bad, has only made life better. Easier. I truly cannot imagine my life without him.

On our actual anniversary (the 26th), we sat in the backyard, under the stars and lights I strung from tree to tree, talking about our story. Where we've been over the last fifteen years, where we hope to go, all the ups and downs, the happy accidents and good surprises, the pets and friends and children who have made our lives so rich, the houses we've lived in and jobs we've had, trips we've taken, things we've learned... It's quite a story.

I was amazed to feel, without a doubt, how much closer we are now than we've ever been before. There was no longing for the past, mourning that the honeymoon had ended.

The honeymoon kinda sucked compared to this (and not just because of that awkwardly fitting wet suit...).

All the work we've put in over the years - spending quality time together every day, talking things out, dreaming about our future, playing and having fun, fighting, learning, growing, etc - has made RIGHT NOW the best of the best. Even when it's the worst of the worst (which, of course, sometimes it is), it's still better than any time in our past. Regardless of if we're in a good time or bad, we always make our marriage our top priority. We have to. It's our foundation. And without a strong foundation, everything else would crumble.

Thanks for fifteen years of incredible adventures and normal, boring life stuff. It's all better with you, babe. xo

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Amanda Conley said...

Oh my gosh. I LOVE looking at all of your old pictures. You guys are adorable and your family is beautiful.